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I like it. I think the shot was well timed, but it seems just a barely out of focus. Might be a trick of my sleep deprived eyes though. 8.5

Taken with Fujifilm S700 on location at my fraternity house last summer.
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For some reason photobucket makes it grainy...

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OnTarget Photography
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Not sure if I like this. I do like the old feeling you get from it though.

029 by OnTarget Photography, on Flickr
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6.5/10. It's really dark. Not sure if that's intentional or if it's a flickr thing.

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The DOF looks like it was done PP? Something about it doesn't seem natural to me.

DSC_0051 by jdkrupnick, on Flickr
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8.0 I like waterfall pictures a little too much

Took yesterday in Nepal during the Holi Festive. Playing around in Photoshop...
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we're talking about camping, not being homeless
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8.5/10 I really like this picture. The colorful spots on the muted subject really are striking. Out of context though, I would have no idea what was going on. It also needs the focaus point moved just a touch farther away to bring his left eye into focus. To me, both eyes have to be in focus in a portrait shot.

Shoes by Aladaze, on Flickr

And geeze, that's a hard shot to follow. Good job Sparky.

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9/10, looks a little dull. But that was probably the point.

Took this over 2 years ago at SeaWorld Orlando, this rid was still under contruction. Yes, it's supposed to be this dark.
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6/10 Seems Kinda plain to me.

Not sure if this defeats the purpose but I had the Worlds most Awful Camera. Original Pic is blurry than all hell so I had fun with it.
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Bring her bacon! haha

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5/10 i dont like cartooned stuff that much.
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