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Originally Posted by 77monteballer View Post
awesome focusing with suck shallow DOF.
the only problem i have with this picture is the black of grass in front of the snake.
id say 8/10 just because of the grass. it'd be at least a 9 maybe a 8.5 if it wasnt there...
maybe the fact that hes about to shed and has that milky eye look takes away a little too but theres no controlling that

shot with my canon ae-1 and probably my 28mm? i dont remember
7.5/10 A little out of focus but the main thing that sticks out is I wish it had a bit more contrast in it

Following the B&W, kind of an abstract-ish shot... I wish my lens had focused a bit better, but oh well...


Originally Posted by Bagels View Post
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4/10 . dont know what it actually is . since the foreground is out of focus

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Good picture of her face but everything else is over exposed. Because of her white shirt everything blends in and you lose depth and detail. Her front forearm blends into her shirt to the point you don't know where it is. Also her elbows are cut off at the bottom.

This one I took 3 or so weeks ago. Its a bit out of focus at the top of the picture. I should have bumped the aperture to f/10.

Exposure 0.003 sec (1/400)
Aperture f/8.0
Focal Length 18 mm
ISO Speed 100
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Besides the bit about the focus on the top the picture looks good, love the color. I guess you could say that little dead tree on the bottom in the trail can be distracting, but thats the fun thing about photography, to me it looks like a little dead tree on its journey down the dark evil valley lol

Fire is fun
Was messing around taking photos of fire at really high iso to practice with low/odd lighting. this was the only "intresting" one that i got


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very cool. i literally just got back from a week at the lake... we had some pretty sweet fires.
i really like shooting fire in a portrait orientation. i dont know why but its a little more visually appealing to me i guess. theres a little bit of an orange glow around the flames from the smoke of the fire that may mo may not take away from the overall image.
either way, the flames seem to be pretty much in focus which can be a pain.

this is from a few years ago but still one of my favorites.

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Originally Posted by aka Mich View Post
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7/10 fire is always cool.

img682 by Moke Pronce, on Flickr
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Originally Posted by mikeds80 View Post
7/10 Little too bright on the right side

One of my first attempts at editing (Only small adjustments but still...) using UFraw (just getting back into the digital scene) and one of my first shots with my new D70s.

Shot manual focus/speed 50mm 1.8 1/125 f:1.8

Name:  DSC_7463.jpg
Views: 170
Size:  260.7 KB

Originally Posted by Bagels View Post
When face palm is not enough, you face rocket.
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6.5/ the colors, but thats about it really..

029 copy by OnTarget Photography, on Flickr
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I like this picture it really draws your eye. There is a lot of movement in the picture and I think the contrast helps your image a lot. I don't know if I want to give a 9 or 10 out of 10. It certainly is a cool picture but something feels missing I just don't know what.

This was taken with my D3100 and the lens it came with 18-55, then again the fly's tong was was kind of stuck on the ice which made the image a little easier, although the fly was in a panic with being stuck and all.
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8-10 i like the details of the wings and the overall colors. very nice......
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