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Fun fact: The Asus Zenbook is the exact same machine, and, even with a copy of OSX on it (Yes, PCs can run OSX now, and vice versa), it's 2/3rds the price and has a better warranty, and can be set up to dual-boot Windows 7 and OSX, so you're not stuck with one OS or the other.
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Not looking for a Mac VS PC thing. The Sony Vaio I am using right now kicked butt with Solidworks software about 3 years ago but the dual core, 8gig ram isn't holding up very well with the today's photoshop. I have Upgraded this computer to the max I can so it will become my wife's new computer and I will learn a new OS when the new Macbook pro gets here.

I talked to a few friends in the Graphics industry and they tell me that they do have some PCs but they mostly use macs. I think it will be a good bet and investment in myself to learn Mac's OS.
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Also if you are using hires displays (>1080) that don't have display port you will need the display port to dual link dvi adapter.
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well the Macbook Pro came in. I am using it now. I have alot to learn about apple OS. learning a little at a time.
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So my stocks can be worth more.
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The Mac vs PC debate won't ever end. It's like Ford vs Chevy, bananas vs oranges, black vs white.

Why do I use a Macbook? Because my workflow is cleaner. Yes, it works on a PC. But on a mac, I just find my workflow much cleaner and more efficient. I do have a PC though, and I use it for publications and print more so than my macintosh.

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Random bit that has always bugged me with the "Mac vs PC" debate...
PC means Personal Computer. Macs... are personal computers. I know there is some debate in a few circles I've been in as to whether or not "Workstation" should be a unique class from "Personal Computer", but really, they're all personal computers.

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Simple truth is, no system is perfect, most systems can be configured to a way that offers an excellent work flow, assuming you are willing to take the time to figure it out. I prefer to use other systems, but apple hardware is generally in line with upper level hardware for performance and reliablity for the price.
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