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Studio lighting recommendations

I'm working with a library right now on creating a photo setup for collections/object photography and need some recommendations on lighting. My intent is to use constant lighting instead of strobes and keep it on the cheap end. Previously, I've used the cheaper stand an bulb kits you can find on eBay that utilize cfl's but i am becoming disappointed in hem. There is also apparently a desire to have these do double duty for video production and have the ability to take gels and whatnot. Any sggustions on stands, sockets and bulbs that would work well together on a budget?

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Check out the Calumet Genesis line. Great product for the price and comparable to higher priced Alien Bees.
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Define your budget. Honestly, I am very low end with the budget, and I made my stands using PVC tube. I had two 10' lengths of 3/4" PVC, three T's, four connectors, and four caps. I cut three 2' lengths, and one 1' length, and six 6" sections. I used two 6" section with each T, added caps to the ends of two of the T'ed sections, and attached them to form an I, or a wide H. With the last T having it's open section pointed up, you can add the different lengths of PVC tubing going up from 1' to 7', at one foot increments. I spray painted the whole thing with flat black paint, and dipped each cap into tool dip. From there, you can easily add more lengths to get it taller, or you can actually add in a pair of 90* elbows to the top, and a long length of PVC tube to connect the two stands, and use it for a backdrop stand. I also use the cheap plug in lights from Lowe's or Home Depot (Mine don't have an on/off switch, so they are plug in/on and unplug/off), and then it's a matter of searching out the bulbs. I have found a pair of CFL bulbs that not only put out a bit of light, but they also have a high temperature. Add in some clips for helping hold the light brackets to the stands, and I would say that I have some really good lights for around $50 for the pair.

Actually, with some minimal budget expenses, I can add in an umbrella for bouncing the light, and I can make a soft box as well. And one added advantage, I don't get the extremely high heat that requires them to cool down before handling them, and they are very portable.
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If you're on a really tight budget, check out the "Stick in a Can" method.

Here's some more info on it:
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