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(Somewhat) period correct paintball photography

I went to a D-Day Scenario last week, and decided I wanted to take some gritty 1940's style combat photos. I shot Kodak Tri-X at 800 ASA with 1hr Rodinal stand development. The Camera itself wasn't really period correct, although functionally similar: a Pentax MX without a light meter, and a 50/f2 lens. Tri-X came out in 1954, I guess, but that's close enough for me.

The latitude of tri-x along with the stand development helped pull some decent exposures out of my fiddly sunny 16 guesstimates. Anything taken on the field was done while being shot at.

Unfortunately there's an issue with uneven development on the second roll, causing the banding on one side of the film. Not sure if that's from overdevelopment at the bottom of the tank, or what.

Full Album: Operation Overlord - Imgur

Some of my favorites:

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Very cool
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man I wished I could have made it.....

these are pretty awesome Russ, great work.
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Wow that's awesome man. Thanks for taking the time to take those pictures. I wish I'd have been there based on the shear awesomeness of those photos!

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Nice job and a neat idea!
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you really captured the feeling of combat. These really remind me of old photos i've seen from combat photogs that were in WW2 or Korea. Just that same feeling. Well done.

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