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What is missing from your gear?

Hey folks

I'm in the early stages of starting up a business focused on manufacturing heavy duty camera gear. For months I've been searching for cases and such up to my standards and as far as I can tell they just aren't out there. I've got some ideas already (hopefully patentable ), but I'd like to hear from others.

What kinds of features are you missing from your gear? What would you like to see out there? Specific materials? Special pockets or pouches? Improvements on existing tech? Let me know!

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Pelican style case that has wheels, extendable handle and will fit into an overhead compartment on a plane.

other than that a lens that will go from 1mm-1500mm with perfect sharpness and instant autofocus.... a god lens if you would....
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Back in the day, there was some bags that had the back caps attached to the bottom, for a easy changing the lens. If I still had a system camera, thatīs what I would want.
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Actually I do alot of Asylums and old buildings so I would say even a harder armor (not the all rubber crap) that would be similar to the gopro case where it covers the main corners of the camera (and possibly the lens) but its abit more open air and not a full underwater case since those are insanely expensive. I know it would be a pain since there is so many body types but if you stick to the mainstream ones like the canon 7D (mine) and a Nikon D7100 you could possibly find yourself a niche
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a gear bag that can hold my tripod/lighting/gear (body, glass)
that has wheels.

a water housing would be amazing but I know expensive.
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An Oh-Sh*t! Protector. There have been plenty of times that I have got into particularly hairy situations for the shot that I want. It would be nice to have a case or some sort of system to toss the camera and know it would remain safely intact and relatively undamaged.
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I have been wanting to get this bag for awhile:

Only because of the rubber waterproof bottom. The inside kind of sucks for my gear, but the bottom is just too cool.

This is the closest I have found:

This is my current sm travel bag:

This I my current bag:

It works well cause it has more room in the top area compared to other bags. I did a shoot in Hawaii and it worked well on the beach too. Still getting sand out of it and wish I had the waterproof bottom for the beach. The zippers are the normal cheap kind and could be better. Has a nice slotted back for a laptop too. That top reinforced extra handle came in handy a few times.

I am very interested in what you have in mind for a new style bag.

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I can never find exactly what I am looking for. I keep getting close, and often go a bit overboard. This is what I have:

For my Sony NEX5, I carry a Maxpedition Fatboy S-Type Verispack. Actually, I carry quite a bit more. I have the camera with one lens attached, plus another two lenses, in the main compartment. On the side compartment, I have a card reader, and a Sony HDR-AS15 Action camera, in the other, I have a flashlight (Just in case). In the front pockets, I have one that has a small Pelican case that hold my memory cards, in the other, a Contour 1080 HD camera and all of the additional batteries (Like one or two more for the Action camera, one more for the NEX, and around six or so for the Contour. In the concealed pocket, I have manuals. That is my EDC actually.

For some of my video cameras, I used to use a Lowepro TX 400. I just got a Voodoo Tactical Scorpion range bag. I have extra room in it (I will probably get more stuff to fill it out), but there is my Sony HDR-SR12 with a filter and a lens hood, a Canon HG10 with filter and lens hood, the five batteries for them both, a Sony AC-VQV10 dual charger with cord, and a bag with a lavalier microphone, a Sony ECM-HGZ1, and a Canon DM-50. All in the main pocket, with plenty of room to spare. Actually, I need to get some dividers in there. One of the large side pockets has two magazine sized pouches, one of them has a Sony ICD-UX512 audio recorder, the other magazine pocket has memory cards and adapters, and a third pocket has the cords for connecting to a computer. On the other side, there are three more pockets, one large enough for the whole side, the other two smaller. One smaller pocket has a lens cleaning cloth, the other has the other filters for the two cameras. As I said, still plenty of room for more stuff.

Lastly, for the whole camera ka-bang, I have a Kata KT-MC-61. It is huge. In it, I have a Sony DCR-VX2000, two batteries, charger, tapes, cables up the ying yang, and I can put the other camera bag in it, and still carry a tripod or two as well.

I look for padding, durable bottoms for placing in just about any environment, pockets for holding the gear that I need (Batteries, cards, etc), and ease of getting to things. I honestly admit that I place myself in a position of having more than I need, and then filling it up sometimes.
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A pancake 8-600mm f/1.2 with no CA/fringing, faster focus than any canon USM drive lens, good corner sharpness, tilt shift, able to to fitted on an EOS mount, medium format, or large format camera, and can retail for no more than $2000. (Ideally retailing for $200 or less.)

Bonus points if it can be fitted on to my phone, but that isn't needed.

On a more serious note, I would really like something with a concept similar to the Kata 3-n-1 line, but with a light internal frame and better support on the hips. Ideally designed to breath far better when worn on the back (As many gear bags I've used trap heat and sweat against your back.) The idea is to take notes from quality modern camping gear, and apply it to a flexible camera gear storage system. I would prefer to keep the option of not having to set the bag itself down to access the camera or awkwardly hold it. But the dual sling design could likely be improved upon.

Having the top gear section better accessible while in sling mode would be sweet, as would more hard points/loops in that section to tie spacers/pouches in so you can better organize things if you have a lot of smaller bits traveling along with you. Currently I find the top section of my kata 3-n-1 turns into just a pile of loose random items tossed in which make it impossible to find anything quickly.

Exploring dslr video mounts might be something you want to look into. There are a lot of exceptionally expensive looking options out there on the market right now that I feel could be simplified in construction/materials, and greatly undercut existing offerings while still maintaining decent profit margins and quality.

I've seen a few offerings of a 'light stand-trolly/dolly/hand truck', which are basically a small hand cart that then makes up part of the base for a larger light stand and holds a heavy battery pack for higher powered flash units. If you can come up with a good stable option that is easy to set up and lets you carry three or four heavy duty light stands and modifiers securely, then you can have a solid product to sell.

I've personally never really liked most flash bracket/umbrella holders on the market. They all seem to rely on really small knobs and locking surfaces, which can make them rather fiddly to work with. I've been toying with designs for a better option that is kind of inspired by disk breaks. Have a half circle with a 3-4 inch radius, and then a big beefy clamping area below. Put a fine threaded adjustment screw on the clamp and a nice big handle on it, and you would have very easy to use adjustments to set the angle of your light. I've used many styles over the years, all small, light weight, compact, but a real bugger to adjust smoothly with any amount of weight on them as they slip too easily. (Or worse, rely on toothed pads with limited position options)
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Wide angle tilt shift.
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