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Turn Around Time For Clients

Did a wedding shoot a while back. Delivered a majority of the photos within around 2 weeks to the clients. They asked for a disk of the rest of the photos that didn't turn out. Obviously I didn't want to do that, and it's a learning experience on how to handle the situation. They also wanted a few photos retouched. The clients wanted the photos this past weekend in which I couldn't deliver.

What do you do?

They are expecting me to give them a disc of photos and are demanding insanely impractical turn around times. I'm currently away at college so I'm slammed busy with work and really don't have time to redo photos.

Just kind of caught off guard. Got a nasty text message slamming my professionalism and what not earlier.

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i am not a "professional" but if someone paid me and want the raws, i wouldn't mind. don't need to spend time on that at all pretty much.

don't know what to say about the retouch.
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They want a disc of all the jpegs which would be easy to do, however I'm simply not sure I want that reflecting my work should they share them online or the like.
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Originally Posted by Kermit View Post
They want a disc of all the jpegs which would be easy to do, however I'm simply not sure I want that reflecting my work should they share them online or the like.
then don't add a watermark, and on the disc label it "unretouched originals" or something in big letters
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Dude, the photographer at my wedding took 4 months to send me a 20 pic preview. 6 months for the full deal. Yeah. My wife handled that one. Seems to me they are being unreasonable. Tell them you'll get the pics retouched as soon as possible but no to the others. Your camera your work.

Cheers bro
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I am not a wedding photographer.

That said, no raws, no outtakes. You're there as a professional, to do quality work. You don't let uncooked food leave the kitchen. Anything you let go will reflect on you when they post it on Facebook and drop your name. If they want the trimmings and gristle they can call up that family member with "a nice camera."

Several weeks is a reasonable turnaround time, one week is not.

Retouching is extra.

Which brings us to one solution for all of the above problems: Contracts.
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yeah what was in the contract?

i look at it like this....
id rather have ALL the pictures then just the good ones. it's our wedding. its our life. its not perfect, and im ok with that. this is to remember our awesomeest day.

now what if they dont like your touch ups? your vision might be totally different then there's hence why theyd like the raws.

now for our wedding we paid for a disc of all the pictures. and that was that.
you should have totally had this in a contract so they know exactly what they are paying for and what to expect.
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Are you billing out on levels that are comparable to other professionals in your area? Are you representing yourself as on par with those professionals?

If I am paying you as a professional and you are representing yourself as a professional I expect professional turn around times (and two months is ridiculous). If I paid you for something I also expect it (IE the originals) unless we explicitly agreed otherwise.

The lesson here is more about managing expecations. This should not be an issue after the fact. You and your customers should all know exactly what you doing the job entails and the costs associated with it including what they get and what you get. For instance who owns the rights to the photographs you took while they were paying you?
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We had our engagement pictures done and we got 10 of them by the end of the weekend, but after that it took about a month to get the 100 or so my fiance wanted. I thought that was a decent turn around time, but we didn't get the 700+ she did. You are an artist, they are paying for your idea of what a picture should be, not just the picture.
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Ill give my views as a client not a photographer. I understand the photographers point as well and see the valid reasons/concerns.

We had our wedding june 2011,
Were we picky choosing a photographer? Hell yes
Did we pay alot? $5K. (damn near 1/4 of the wedding budget) I say yes but know we didnt do with the highest either.
Were we demanding on what we wanted? Ill say yes. But Corey(the photographer) had no issues with what we wanted.

We chose someone who does Wedding photography full time. Travels anywhere if needed.

We wanted all photos on a CD not just the photographers pick. We made sure ahead of time that Corey would do that. The only photos he took out were the "junk" ones meaning blurred, out of focus etc. Not ones he just didn't like.
We eliminated many good photographers that refused to give us all the photos.

We saw the first of retouched photos within a week. More some time after, I think a month or so. Whatever is was it was well in the agree timetable. We have a disc with 500 or so photos on it. Most have been retouched a few probably havent. Albums obviously took much more time between us choosing pictures, him laying it out, approval & printing.

Now understand we made sure everything was understood between us & Corey ahead of time. He stuck to the agreement/contract exactly. And he did more then was required.

Now onto my thoughts of your situation. Some of it will depend on what your agreement/contract with the clients is.

Some of this below takes the assumption that it wasn't discussed or stated ahead of time. Based on them wanting the disc. If its a change by them from what was agreed then ignore some of the below. Its written to make you think of their point of view.

Was it expressly asked or discussed ahead of time?

You have to ask do you want to be "The one" that they remember as ruining the day because you didn't give them the disc? Holding the disc from them could result in bad reputation about you as a photographer. Can your photography business handle that?

Is it easier to give them the disc and then layout a mutual timeline for retouched files to be given. And atleast get a neutral customer then a upset customer. Again less bad reputation.

After your done with this client make sure its noted somewhere how you handle photo's.
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