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Camera Bags

What is everyone using? I just ordered a new one this morning...

Informant Camera Sling - Timbuk2 Bags

I am moving up from a Tamrac Expedition 3 and wanted something a little bigger.
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Have been using this bag for about a year now
right around this time last year I had my bag on my back and walking home
with my head phones on.
I was punched from the shadows and the bag taken off my back
Furious, I tired to chase the guy down but by the time I picked my self off the ground he was a block down the road.
fast forward three weeks, I get a message on facebook on my match strike page
stating a lady had found my stuff.
I contacted her and after work I rushed back to make sure it was true.

She said that last week she was walking her dog and that she had stumbled upon the bag in the bushes, soaked and slightly covered in snow. she was trying to find how to contact me for a week until she found the stickers for my company.

So it had been sitting in the rain, snow and sleet for about 2 weeks and a bit
until she brought it in.
EVERYTHING WORKED and The only thing missing in the bag was a ipad cord....
Ipad and all my camera gear worked just fine.
I emailed Manfrotto the next day and told them I owe them a drink!
(the bag has nothing on it that says weather resistant or waterproof)

This is one of my favorite bags and dont think i will ever give it up

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I have a Lowepro AW 102 and it is a nice compact sling style bag for my needs now. I can fit my 7D / 10-20 / 40mm / 28-135 / hero3 and some small things in the top and snap my flash on the side if needed. Its nice for now

Lowepro SlingShot 102 AW Camera Bag LP36172 B&H Photo Video)
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I use a kata dr461 micro backpack. The thing is a clown car. Holds a ton of gear for its size

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Kata Ul-222

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I'm using a Kata 3n1-33. I think they're discontinued now. I like the flexibility on how I carry it, but the design makes it exceptionally hot on the back.

I'm thinking that I will spend the money on a pelican case for event work.
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I have even using the mountain smith boreal is pack for a while. I like it a lot and with the interior yellow it is easy to find your stuff.
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1. Two pocket shuffle (always best)
2. Velcro duty belt with a single Think Tank tele lens sleeve (next best)

3. Crumpler Three Million Dollar Home (out and about)
4. Tenba Black Label deep large shoulder bag (day jobs)

5. Click Elite Escape backpack (week or longer trips)
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Originally Posted by madasax View Post
I have a Lowepro AW 102 and it is a nice compact sling style bag for my needs now. I can fit my 7D / 10-20 / 40mm / 28-135 / hero3 and some small things in the top and snap my flash on the side if needed. Its nice for now

Lowepro SlingShot 102 AW Camera Bag LP36172 B&H Photo Video)
I have the same bag and I love it. I have a Sony NEX-5n and the repositionable interior panels went a long way towards getting my camera in there securely but, accessible. It carries the camera, a telephoto lens (and lens hoods), small accessories, my cleaning stuff, and my tripod. The only thing I dislike about it is that it screams "CAMERA" even without the tripod on the side.
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I have three that I use most often.
I have a LowePro SlingShot 100 that usually carried the D300 and the wife carries it around. Older version of the 102, which I actually like better.
My most commonly used one is an ApeCase Pro 1800. It usually holds a single body with an 80-200 lens, a 50mm lens and a 28-70mm lens as well as a flash unit and light meter. If I need to, I can take out the flash and light meter and fit another body in there.
My last bag is my biggest and only really use it for traveling when I need/ want to bring a lot of gear with me. It's the Calumet BP1500 Large Backpack. It's massive! It can hold 3 bodies, 2 with attached lenses, more lenses, flash, light meter, filters, film, etc. Unfortunately, I don't think it's available any longer.
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