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Cheap Film(photos inside)

Wanted to share my experience shooting this ridiculously cheap film.

I bought a Minolta SRT-201 off of eBay a while back and decided to run some cheap film through it to see if it worked. I had some other old SLR's I wanted to test so I bought a pack of 4 rolls for $10.14. At barely over $2.50 a roll, it's pretty cheap film. Actually, the cheapest I could find locally. The film is Fujifilm 200. It can be bought at Wal-Mart and many other places I'd imagine.

Here are some of the photos that were taken with it. I'm pleased with the results. It isn't sharp, but it's sharp enough. The colors are very warm and it's very grainy, which makes for cool landscapes but not very good portraits. On my computer, I can see what looks like a grid going across the photos, but that might have been my scanner. From what I've noticed, it doesn't work well with an aperture much larger than f8 because it will become unsharp; I assume this is more the lens than the film.

Just thought I'd share. It's been fun putting the film through the old camera and I'm happy with the results. For $10 in film, it's a great deal if you are playing around with film.
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Where are you getting it processed? Here in Atlanta there are a couple of places but the cheapest are always those you send out too.
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I just got it done at CVS.
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I like that track shot!

cool stuff, wish i jumped into photography when they were doing film
would be interesting to have that knowledge
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