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Originally Posted by alkafluence View Post
IDKFA, the size difference between the Grado's and the AKGs is negligible.

But, you are right about the sound leakage. The particular model of Grados I mentioned favour an open-ear approach for better natural, sound quality. Whereas those particular AKG's are closed back. So, the leakage will be less at the cost of a little sound fidelity.
I forgot about this thread. Thanks, I think I am going to go with the AKGs, assuming the size is okay. I am actually going to sneak her into the store and get her to pick out from a selection. Not the ideal approach, but I am not even going to try judging what would fit comfortably on her noggin.

Originally Posted by left handed View Post
Call me a hipster but visit your local Urban Outfitters. They usually have a nice over-the-ear headphone selection.
There is one about 15 minutes from my apartment. I will check out their selection/prices online and might go there instead. The place I am going to now is a tiny boutique headphone bar, so the prices will probably be a little higher.
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I'm going to recommend Audio Technica M50s. They've been around for a while but recently got extremely popular as entry-level audiophile headphones. I would wait until they drop back down to $100-110, the recent popularity of them pushed the price up a few weeks ago and it hasn't dropped yet.

They're very comfortable. The sound quality is superb and even improves over time. Sound leakage is minimal. The only bad thing about them is the soundstage is not very good. As far as I can tell they're durable and built well.
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the new dre headphones are... INCREDIBLE. but 300 bucks a pair... it sounds like you have subs in there... AMAZING
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I agree Beats by Dre are fantastic. My daughter talked Santa out of some a few days ago

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Originally Posted by russc View Post

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I'm so sorry for this, everyone.
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is kay looperoo... i will enjoy something else when i investard
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Don't get Bose or Dre', out of your budget and a blatant money grab in both cases.


Yuin G2A:
Good sound quality and quite an attractive design:
Yuin G2A - Clip-On Headphones | HeadRoom Audio
The only problem might be the non-adjustable plastic clip.

Panasonic RP-HTX7:
These are also an option due to the awesome retro looks - especially if you track them elsewhere with a bright color: - Panasonic RP-HTX7-K1 3.5mm Connector Circumaural Stereo Headphone - Black

The sound quality will be less then the Yuin's - but considering the source they may be a good fit. You trade some sound quality for the sound isolation and cool retro looks.

I really like the design on these, and they may be more comfortable then the Yuin - but again at the cost of sound quality:
The modern design and brushed aluminum makes them look really refined and expensive.

This review covers all of them, and your budget in general:
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My friend swears by these, but I've tried looking up reviews and have found none.
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i got these some weeks ago... can't beat the value... but the chord is friggin long is my only complaint... but solid and sound good.

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a cord that's too long is far better than one that's too short.
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Originally Posted by jincay View Post
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