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i want some headphones with good bass... what should i be looking for?
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Thanks for the advice everyone! I have decided on a set for her (the AKG K518DJ piqued her interest and we are heading down to the local shop tomorrow for a test fit and trial run), and I am narrowing down a set for me. I want to eventually pair a portable headphone amp with my setup to really take advantage of the headphones. I want a set of the AiAiAi TMA-1s, if I can justify the price tag to myself.

If you want bass, pretty much any DJ set will be fine. I have noticed in trying to narrow down my selection that a lot of closed ear headphones have excessive bass; you need to be careful to find one that has decent mid-range and treble.
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Originally Posted by bigballa View Post
Look for an older pair of Bose on eBay or something similar.
I agree. Bose are very nice and come with a lifetime warranty.
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