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skullcandy1993 02-22-2011 02:22 AM

Ive got a question for all of you who exercise regularly by going to a gym or running or something like that...what armband (or similar apparatus) do you use to hold your keys/cash/mp3 player (or phone)/etc etc etc?

Ive put an order in for one of these: quirky - Fit Kit Sport Case but they arent in production yet.


Finnigan 02-22-2011 08:46 AM

$25 bones! You can get a fanny pack at any old flea market for a couple of bucks, or just stuff your wallet in your knee highs!

JLuke 02-23-2011 07:31 AM

or just leave everything in your car lol, and if you have a small mp3 player just drop that and one car key in your pocket, they dont flop around very much, arent very heavy. Best thing i found was for my ipod nano i could get that lanyard thing to hang it from your neck, works great for running.

yuik 02-24-2011 01:23 PM

I just bring a lock for the locker

mxmtl 02-24-2011 01:51 PM

Pockets. :)

I can't use an armband when lifting weights. It gets in the way. I also never got used to the extra weight of my old iPod on my arm. My gym plays decent music anyway, and I often have to ask if a piece of equipment is in use, or if I can work in a set.

All I keep in my pockets are the keys to my locker and my iPhone covered with an Angel wristband. Everything else is locked up in the locker. It's much safer in there than in the car. There are way more car break-ins at the gym than locker break-ins. A lot of guys don't even use a lock in the locker room.

foldadoom 03-01-2011 01:47 AM

I just leave everything in a small gym bag......belts, powder/chalk, wraps, gloves, keys, wireless player etc and lug the bag, I usually just stash it in the corner of the gym, leave my water there so I go back to it between each set, that and looking like a nutter keeps everything safe :)

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