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I haven't gotten to play in a while. Anyone played the newest update?
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Originally Posted by Be4life182 View Post
ill gats pwn nubs n give mE pwners?
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I just checked it out tonight... I have a few tanks that I need to research right now I guess...
Two whole new lines and the new tree is definiteley different...
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Skiddish is an Elliot Spitzer, if you will.
Most people don't know that skittish is the proper spelling for "jittery". Don't believe me... Look it up.
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Location: Carlisle PA

I still play daily but only the tanks I'm grinding. I have less and less I'm keeping in my garage.
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I play mostly on weekends, and my garage seems to be expanding, selling finished tanks less often and grinding crews instead while also playing the tank the crew is intended for. Had some amazing matches today and got Ace on my PzIV, which I thought would be impossible since they nerfed it. Username ratherdashing if anyone is interested in platooning.
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Still playing, finally got my Tiger-P so have been grinding that. Always having fun playing my scouts still and keeping my ace tanks up on their stats. Dayz has been taking most of my time though so haven't been playing as much as usual.
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Location: Carlisle PA

I recently sold my Tiger to go after the Tiger P. If I'm not grinding a tank I have a hard time being motivated to play it, all my elite vehicles seem to sit around. I recently went to a triple monitor set up though so I'm loving all my games a lot more lately.
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I'm stuck on cash without a premium tank or account.
Holds me back from going beyond tier 8.

Thinking about getting a Prem tank with the next paycheck - didn't really want to do it out of principle, I think the game is heavily overpriced due to being a monopoly (no other tank mmo/service out there, yet).
Wasn't free-loading either, payed about $24 through the life of this account. I would not mind paying up to $10 to unlock a tank, $40 - the price of a different new game - just feels wrong somehow.

Probably getting the FCM 50t, or waiting for the next opportunity to get a Type 59.

... or doing something better with my free time.
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To me, the most fun is in the tier 2 and 3 tanks anyways. Thats where driver skill really pays off and you can make the biggest difference.
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I propose we make a brass guillotine.
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First battle of the day! Then it went downhill when I moved to my SU-8
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Originally Posted by CCM CHICK View Post
I say to you with love in my heart... your a whore.
Originally Posted by Scharfschutze91 View Post
i like the zipper... pullover's hurt when i take them off. I gel my hair everyday so when I pull it off it snags on my hair and hurts.
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Nice, I had fail teams all morning and trying to grind new tanks for upgrades sucks when that's the case.
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