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New Gym?

Going to add the gym as a morning routine when class starts this fall. Any advice as far as going to a new gym goes? I plan on going every weekday morning around 6-7 am before I have to be at class or work, depending on the day. Any advice/tips?
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It depends on the gym, if it's a commercial gym, I've run into two types, a high pressure sales associate selling a long term contract and tossing around various initiation fees, and no pressure earn your business flat rate month-to-month with low or no initiation fee. My advice is try to not get sold on a long term contract and just go month-to-month. Whether you pay an initiation fee or not depends on what you get for it. Sometimes they give you perks like personal training sessions.

If it's your first time in a gym, just remember to bring your own gym towel to wipe your own sweat off the equipment, re-rack your weights, and offer others to work in with your bench/machine if you have a long enough rest period between sets. If you approach a piece of equipment that looks like it might be in use (a good clue would be some personal items next to it), ask people around it if they are using it first.
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Get in, get out.

If you're in there for more than 45 minutes you're wasting time.
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