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What device to use?

hey guys, do you guys use your Iphone as your ipod of source of music when you workout or do you use an ipod or something else? I just got an IPhone about a month ago but i still use my old Gen 2 80GB Ipod to go to the gym with. What do you guys use when you go to the gym? and how the the Iphone hold up during gym sessions?
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I think anything small with flash memory will be fine. I don't know much about iPhones, but I know there are a few Droid apps for exercising that utilize the system's GPS, so maybe you could look into one of those if you're running or something.

If I remember right, all the larger "Classic" iPods have a physical hard disk, and I broke my 120gb because I used to run with it. I got the replacement, then accidentally dropped it in a toilet after a run.

Stick with something that uses flash memory like a Nano or (I'm pretty sure) the iPhone.
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thats the thing, i dont know which one is a better choice to use. i didnt want to "put all my eggs in one basket" on my iphone but i also thought that i would but all my music so when i run its there and then the phone and gps etc etc. and i would sell my old Ipod and make some cash off of it. instead having 2 seperate items...
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a lightweight sansa clip+, because i'll be damned if i become one of those idiots who drops an expensive and heavy (a bad combination) ipod while on the treadmill making a loud BANG sound to let everyone know you are an idiot.
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i also use the tiny sansa. love it

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If you're going to be doing any kind of outdoor exercise you might check out EndoMundo.
It's a free app that leverages your phone's gps and tracks your workouts for you....really neat.

Sometimes that little bit of gadget factor is enough to motivate me when I'm on the fence about going for a run.......or hitting the couch.

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I use an ipod nano to go to the gym and yardwork. I have nearly 400 songs but it still gets to be repetitive. What I have found to be really good is downloading podcasts off of itunes for free. There are HUNDREDS of topics to listen to. You can actually learn something while you are pumping iron or doing cardio or mowing grass. Plug it into your car stereo and have something to listen to on the way to the paintball field.
I HIGHLY Recommend podasts to break up the monotony.
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The only thing is use is an ipod, all the other music players ive used fall short, i absolutely beat the hell out of mine. Right now i have one of the new little ipod nanos, the clip on touch screen one and it works perfect, even has a fm radio built in (FINALLY)

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