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Not liking the Gears of War style gameplay. Reading some of the above posts I'm trying to stay optimistic while hoping I don't have to go burn down the EA studios.
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I started calling them Biofail after playing SWTOR after it launched. It's a shame the ****ed up Mass Effect as well as Star Wars.
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The game itself is pretty nice.

The feeling when system after system falls to the reapers, the frustration when TIM foils your attempts to save the galaxy for his selfish needs (also when Gerrel gets the quarians blown up despite all my efforts - all cause I didn't use the dialogue option that specifically prevents this, and where the hell is the "true renegade" option to toss his sorry *** out of the airlock after the geth dreadnught mission?) - quite nice indeed.

The execution, however, was ultimately screwed up.

First - the whole galactic readiness system is bull**** - has practically no impact on the game that I know of. If you were expecting something dramatic as in "the fleets get blown up and the galaxy is destroyed, or they punch through and save the day (with more or less success)" - forget it.

In the end, there are exactly three edings to choose from (and from what I know, if your EMS is too low, you don't get to choose, but get an arbitrary one).

And the endings...

are all identical. With the small exception of the reapers (who either get destroyed, fly away, or f*** knows what - no explanation given) everything leads to the same conclusion - Shepard sacrifices himself/herself, mass relys are destroyed, and the galaxy is basically blasted back to the stone age, with some crappy "grandpa telling a kid the story of the Shepard" cliche (hey, no one remembers we used it in ID and ID2, well be fine) thrown in (at the last minute probably).

As epic as the journey was, I feel the ending to be a huge kick in the balls.

After 3 games (2 for me - no ME1 on the PS3) of trying to fight the inevitable, the player is informed that the arbitrary ending is indeed inevitable and basically to go *** himself.

So what if the "happily ever after" ending is too sugarcoated - There's a reason most Hollywood productions use a happy ending - even if it's highly unlikely, the hero is supposed to overcome the odds.

An ending that has the hero sacrifice himself for the good of the galaxy might make for an epic story, but I feel like BioWare has gone against the golden rule of rpgs, taking away the player's freedom of choice.

Also - the endings leave practically every important question out, which makes them feel even more "last minute" and "half assed" (remember, the game was pushed back on release to "exceed everyone's expectations") - instead, there is no explanation of what happened to the rest of the crew (you know, the characters you had time to grow fond of and care about), the other races.

It's really not a question of wether the ending should, or shouldn't be a tragic one, but right now it takes the top spot in the 100 most unsatisfying video game endings of all time - passing mario and any other "game over, play again?" endings out there.
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Uhh...there is a way for Sheperd to live...Anderson too.
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Originally Posted by tiny View Post
Seconded. Hence forth this is to be the official nomenclature of marker sales. Violators will be violated.
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Don't like the ending? There's a petition and charity drive trying to gather the funds to get BioWare to change the ending.

I can't make this up. They've raised $53K so far, and it's still going. I haven't played the game (hell, haven't gotten more than an hour into the first one of the series... next week, that'll change), so I can't say if I hate the ending or not, so I'm not donating any money, but if you guys feel that way, Child's Play is a great charity.

*EDIT* Speaking of Child's Play and Penny Arcade, today's comic is hilarious.

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Originally Posted by szary[PL] View Post
(remember, the game was pushed back on release to "exceed everyone's expectations")
More likely that it was pushed back so they could finish screwing the game up and add multiplayer.

Honestly, I directly attribute the majority of the dissatisfaction I see from players to the addition of multiplayer. You can't tell me EA forcing that down the developers throats didn't have a direct impact on the single player game and it shows.
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I don't want a happy ending. I want the endings to actually match the Paragon / Renegade paths.

What I expected:

- Paragon saves universe and crew at expense of becoming merged with the machine - appearing to his crew as a projection.
- Renegade saves the universe at the expense of crew members, leading to a darker ending.

The entire final sequence is problematic in itself - it's too disconnected from the game.

The problem started with ME2...

ME1: Discover the reapers. ME2: Research and Prepare a Trap Mechanism
ME3: Defend Mechanism against Reaper Allies, and then delaying action against the Reapers themselves before the device activates. For example, a way to temporarily control one Reaper turning it against others.

Instead we have: ME1: Discover the reapers. ME2: Do a bunch of irrelevant nonsense while fighting the Reaper allies. ME3. Deus Ex Machina yay! =/
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Mass Effect 2 was the highlight of the trilogy.

Mass Effect 3 was the worst of all three. The ending could have been better, but I was not a fan of the selectable squad. James Vega was an OK addition, but he pales in comparison to almost anyone from ME2. Zaeed was far cooler than he was. EDI is Tali 2.0 and uninteresting. Thane or any Drell for that matter felt notably absent, when they seemed like a cool addition to ME2. There is essentially one biotic on your team, that's it.

I hated the squad options more than anything in ME3. No Drell, no Krogan, (BULL$HIT) no Salarian, no Geth or Racni or even a Vorcha. Just a single human and your ship using the body of a creature that bashes the brains in of a potential f#ck buddy. There were some cool moments such as Grunt's heroics, and Wrex entire mission to save his people, but having to fight beside losers got old.

Now, of course there was a Prothean squad member, who was kinda cool, and it was neat to see how his people died and how he cam to be alive, but him being the "only one" felt weak and predictable. More than just him should have survived. "Oh you're the LAST SURVIVOR" - yah ok. Oh and even though this game is shorter than ME1 and ME2, we didn't have time to get this content into the final game, so that'll be another $10. Cause, well cause we have multi now! yeah! Yeah well Battlefield 3 and Team Fortress 2 are where I go for multi. I came to Mass Effect for a story, and you kinda dropped the ball Bioware.

Hope that FTC lawsuit raised against you does some damage. Sure it's your game franchise and you can do whatever, but when you make a gaming trilogy and rope people along for two games and the third one leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many, it's very normal for people to feel like they got robbed of not just $60, but of $60 x 3 = $180 because they wanted the story to end where oh I don't know.....their decisions that had mattered all series, to matter in the end?

Props for screwing people out of $10 though on day 1 DLC. I'm sure other companies will do the same now.
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It's EA. We should've known

Not at all excited fro Dragon Age III
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Originally Posted by tiny View Post
Seconded. Hence forth this is to be the official nomenclature of marker sales. Violators will be violated.
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Well after a complete play through I have to say I still love this game it is a top notch shooter. The RPG elements were pared back to the bare minimum with conversations that were mostly on autopilot (kids hate talkin') and side missions that were just quick scans with no thinking required (kids hate thinkin') and I love the constant prompts of what to do! Thank God for that! If I didn't have prompts to tell me where to look and what to do I would have been totally lost! I'm going to put the blame for all the negatives onto EA I fail to believe that the company that gave the world Baldur's Gate doesn't know how to do a proper RPG. Still ME3 is a great game and I'm happy with it enough that I will purchase the piles of DLC that are sure to follow just for a chance to spend a few hours in a game world I really don't like to leave EA couldn't kill that for me.
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