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Originally Posted by usagi_tetsu View Post
Never played the first one, and played the beta of PS2 for about a day. I would probably like it a lot more if I was already a part of a guild/clan/army/whatnot and we could all go out together on missions, but the lone wolf that I am makes for a lot of suckage in PS2. You can't really affect anything by your lonesome, and you're going to die a lot trying.
Personally I've just taken the fact that you're going to die to be part of the game. Last night the server my main character is on had the 'fun' issue with everyone else on the team was tired of dying all the time and getting their asses kicked, so they were all milling around inside their little base, with one or two getting bored enough to venture out and try to fight the handful of people on the other team that were bored enough to hang around waiting for something to happen... Needless to say the few that would venture out would be slaughtered, as we would get 50+ people jumping on any spot the 4-5 attacked.

So a few of us started racing each other to the other side of the map. You die, you started over in the main base.

turned into a fun game with a total disregard for the actual game itself.
Originally Posted by Lrrpie-CT View Post
I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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