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Legal Question

A local field is going to be having a tournament series from 5/20 to 9/26, and im going to be photographing each event. Now obviously I will be posting the pictures to my website. Sooo, to avoid being sued of anything, I should have notarized contracts made for each team to sign saying I have the right to distribute/make profit from the photo's, correct? Any info is appreciated since this will be my first major shooting Thanks
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I think you just can do it from the field, if they already have a deal with the teams you are covered. Don't take my word for it though, wait for one of the regulars who are more knowledgable. There is a similar thread to this a couple threads down you can check out though.

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Anything done in public is fair game for reproduction. However, for-profit work needs permission. I would ask the field to include a short waiver indicating that participation in the tourney acknowledges that their photos might be sold.
-Bryce Larson
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Your contract should be with the event host, not the individual teams.

That's as long as the field has all the proper fine print in their documentation the teams have to sign.

If they're not paying you to be there, than you should specify that you retain copyright of the photos and retain the right to sell them independently.

And watermark the hell out of your photos so people don't steal them from your website to post on facebook. Something like:

Untitled by ryankarr, on Flickr

Untitled by ryankarr, on Flickr
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Clever field owners will work a general photographic release as part of their waiver form.

This usually will give distribution rights of any photos taken of the signee on the premises to the field owner.

Good luck,

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