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computer question

so my motherboard went out, checked psu and its fine, i got a new board coming to me in the morning, the cpu should fit just fine based on the type and combatibility, in theory i should be able to take the other cpu out and drop into the new board. is this right? what other things should i worry about, i got thermal paste for the swap as well.
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cleaning off the old thermo paste. Coffee filters are recommended.
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ground yourself every time you grab something different to install. And remember the Power Supply holds a decent charge after un-plugging it lol
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Make sure its the same mother board. Windows will not work if its s different bios. unless you purchase a new key. I ran into this once before.
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you'll have to spend some setting the new BIOS correctly (i.e. disabling on-board graphics, sound, etc if you have add on cards) and loading drivers.

Windows will start up but, it will begin to harrass you about your license. I've never had to buy a new license. Simply call the windows activation phone number and speak to a representative, to explain what happened.

The windows license doesn't tie you to one set of hardware. It's meant to tie to you one PC and microsoft is aware that the hardware within one PC may change over time but, they do have a limit. This policy may be more strict for OEM (i.e. Dell) licenses since the hardware is not meant to be maintained/upgraded by the end user.
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Or just reformat and reinstall your OS. Windows shouldn't hassle you about your license unless the former incarnation of your system were to somehow jump into the future and hop online.
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A Retail license is allowed to be installed on a single computer at a time. What the computer is doesn't matter, as long as it is only used on a single system at any given time.

An OEM license is tied to a computer. These are cheaper, and are usually what you get when you buy a system with Windows pre-installed for you. Swapping of a mother board may or may not invalidate such a license.

Unless the motherboard is the EXACT same model and Revision, you will basically have to reinstall your OS. It can run on a different board, but it is unstable, and at best chunky. Save yourself the headache and just reinstall rather than trying to salvage. It will save you lots of time.
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A pirated version can be installed on infinite machines and it doesn't matter when you change

Some of us actually own a legit license and still use the pirated version for these and more reasons.
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Or you can just buy a retail license, and maybe have to phone a support line every once and awhile, and be fairly confident that a keylogger searching for credit card info doesn't come preinstalled on your system.
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I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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If you have any official version and the repair triggered a problem - contact Microsoft support and they will reset your key. If the first person can't do it, elevate the issue to their boss.
They would rather help you then drive you into other options.

You don't need to resort to public downloads where keyloggers are likely. You can ask someone for an installation CD, then use known open-source tools to modify it.

Easiest way to get an OS at a decent price is the student discount, directly or through friends and relatives.
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