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worrptangl 03-23-2012 11:57 AM

D800 just WOW!.....

worrptangl 03-23-2012 04:02 PM

Is it sad that I'm looking at a

worrptangl 03-23-2012 10:10 PM

D800 REAL WORLD review and samples - FM Forums

Take a look at these!!!!!

worrptangl 03-24-2012 11:57 AM


Originally Posted by CJOttawa (Post 2272517)
D7000? I have one. It's FANTASTIC. I'd argue it's better than the D700 for raw performance.

A lot of the photos of my full-metal DSP were taken with a D7000.

The D7000 is a generation newer than the D700 and has some features the D700 and even D3, D4 and D800 don't have.

U1 and U2 "user modes" are unique to the D7000 and, to me, position it as a pro-level camera.

Buy it.

It's sad really that I'm considering switching from Canon. I love my 50D. The ergonomics are great, and like like the button layout. That being said I can say the same for Nikon too.

The reason I'm looking at switching is that Canon seems to only be updating their L lenses or the occasional non L, but then they are $$$$$$. I know Nikon does the same, but at least Nikon updated their 70-300. i have to go to Tamron to get a decent quality one. Nikon has been updating their primes and they are amazing for the price you pay. They compare to their Higher G primes but for a fraction of the cost. I need to buy a 15-16 year old lens or take the Sigma crap shoot. Not saying those are bad lenses. It's just Canon updates the EF 28mm but the give it IS and make it a f2.8 not f1.8. :confused: I don't shoot video so not much use for me.

I know spend more money on paintball than I should, but I have gotten better. That being said as much as I would love to get an L lens or other high end glass for me to spend $1k+ on a lens would mean I would have to sell off some things and save up for a long while.

Nikon right now is making me want to come back, and I think I might. I just have to really think about it.

worrptangl 03-24-2012 07:49 PM

Ok I just have to say that I was really cranky this morning for some reason. I'm not sure how the post above came off but to me it wasn't good.

I just to clarify. Canons lower end primes are not bad but there are those that are in serious need of an update. I know I'm not the only person who feels that way either. I can't drop the money for an L lens every time I feel like it. I would love to have some L glass.

I'm not trying to make it sound like I have the "Grass is greener" mentality either. It's just I have friends and family that are Nikon shooters. A few professionally. They all say that Nikon's D series lens are cheap nowadays and built like tanks and have the optical quality to match. I will say that Canon has some L series lenses that I would love to own some day that at this time Nikon does not have an equivalent too. Not saying that they won't but just not now. Which is one of the main reasons I chose Canon. The thing is I don't shoot with the long primes. the 70-300mm is my choice for reach. I would love to have the 100-400L but that's $1500 and the long time rumor about it's replacement coming after the Olympics costing $2800 MSRP. Yikes! I know Nikon has the 80-400 but I have heard horror stories about that lens. Some first hand.

To be honest my 50D does everything I ask it to. I know I haven't been limited by it. I haven't had to much opportunity to get out and explore the many different types of photography. I really want to though. That's the great thing about this hobby there is so much you can do with it. I just shoot whatever peaks my interest at that moment.

I have talked with a few people who have switched from the 50D to the D7k and they all have said that the D7k destroys the 50D. I can see it in some respects, but I have seen and taken some killer pictures with this camera. I know I'm tempted by the Nikon bodies, and a few lenses. I just need to decide that losing the possibility of possibly obtaining certain lenses is worth it. I don't want to switch to just by a Sigma or other brand. I could have just done that with Canon. Again I have owned and used both companies products.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my mental vomit on the interwebs. I would rather do it here since we have a nice variety of users. Over on POTN well it's a Canon forum and it has one Nikon thread LOL.

worrptangl 03-24-2012 10:01 PM

I forgot to mention I think I might get the Sig 30 first and then make my decision from there. Then if I'm still feeling like Nikon then I will rent a D7k to see how we get along.

worrptangl 03-24-2012 11:10 PM

I know about the different lenses and screw drive, af-s etc.. What I never really learned was the AIS, D, G etc...

Canon is 1.6 and after shooting Canon for the past 6 years or so it's easy to figure out.

On the user interface I can get around each without too much trouble.

I know the D7k is AIS and screw drive compatible.

worrptangl 03-25-2012 11:49 AM

Thanks I just read that entire page. Good read.

I still need to do my homework and possibly rent the camera before I make any decisions. I'm not heavily invested in Canon like some people but it still is a sizable investment for me.

worrptangl 03-25-2012 05:23 PM

CJ, I'm that if I do switch that Nikon doesn't seem to have many comparable lenses short of the high end fast glass. So if I do ever fancy to get one I'm stuck. At this point in time though a 70-300 covers me quite well.

worrptangl 03-25-2012 07:13 PM

I normally do not go past 200mm. Most of my shots really don't go past 100mm. Looking at my EXIF I shoot a lot at 85mm and 28-45mm when I use the 28-135. I use the 50 1.8 more due to the aperture. It's not all that great indoors and I would like wider.

I guess my last comment was my trying to rationalize any future desire to go into the telephoto realm. I also like to shoot macro, and after seeing what my sister's 105 VR can do it's so nice! My Tamron 90mm is no slouch though.

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