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I like my Sigma fixed 400mm. Very nice all metal build. Heavy and just feels like a quality piece of glass.

These are cropped/resized. Shot off a tripod using my KM 5d and Sigma 400mm fixed manual focus with the camera set on Aperture control (only way with an old lens because it doesn't "see" that the lens is there)

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I know I'm a little late, but I thought I'd just say this: It's like driving a manual car. Just better.
Also there just seems to be an aura that a photo takes on when it's been auto-focused, and in my opinion, looks like crap.
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I like both. When I was younger and my father was teaching me, we didn't have autofocus. Just good old manual. Took some learning, but I was young. If I have the time, I like manual better.
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Low light is a great time to shoot manual. A $40-$60 Canon AE-1 Program has a finder that puts a D3X to's optimized for faster lenses and looking through that bright finder is enough to put the joy of photography back in any jaded DX-sensor shooting sap's heart...
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If you really want to shoot MF, you need to swap the focusing screen for a split prism. Anything else you´re gonna be either guessing, or you have magic eyes.

Ebay has those, cheap ones work fine too.
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I don't have a manual focus lens but with my auto focus lenses i tend to turn off the auto focus, I only use it now and then when i'm really not sure if I focused on the subject correctly. It is a steep learning curve especially with glasses (in my case) but it can be done. If you have the time use manual but if there is a bee, fly or something that just doesn't want to stay put you can try manual focus.

Originally Posted by Chaz View Post
Auto focus does its best to pick the points and usually grabs the wrong ones for me
This and usually when it does pick up the target my camera doesn't want to shoot, well that is when i do paintball\bushball photography anyway.
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The problem there is you're letting the camera choose the focus points. Set them yourself and the problem goes away. On some cameras you can choose between multiple selections on the fly.

I shoot quite a bit with all manual lenses, but I wouldn't use them for fast moving subjects.
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