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old school gaming network

I am looking for advice on how to build an old school gaming network.

Some friends and I are going to be in them middle of nowhere for most of the summer and I have a bunch of old school games like Diablo 1, heroes of might and magic, etc. I would love for us to set up an old school hardline-lan at our house, and need info on a few things:

-Any suggestions on sepcific hubs to get? I would probably just browse ebay to find one.
-Whatever network I use should probably be IPX capable right? How do I run IPX on windows xp, vista, and 7?

please offer any other information or tips you have!


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I would also like to see how this is done...
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I would get an cheap router/switch, 8 ports, 10.100,1000 speed.

IPX shouldn't been needed, as xp should be able to handle the communications.

Otherwise you would need to configure one machine to be a server for all the games you want to play.

That i don't know how to do.
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You don't need to have one machine as a stand alone server.

Each should be able to start in multiplayer and create new game on lan . and all others join to that. anything higher than xp (Vista, 7) will not work because there is no IPX/SPX support they use UDP and the older games use the IPX protocall. I do Lans with about 10 to 12 people twice a year ( for the last 12 years) and also have 5 machines at the house lanned as well with New and old school games.

Definately buy a Switch not a HUB and also get one that has more ports then you will need you can always throw a line from you provider so everyone has net access. On the older game you won't need the 1000 speed 10/100 will be fine. (never ever had a lag issue using 10/100) those old games just dont produce enough.


Starcraft works on Lan with IPX only as well as Diablo since they are both by Blizzard.Tthey will not lan with vista or 7 with out some other secondary utility to run theIPX/SPX Protocall.

IPX/SPX is the langauge that is used by windows for commincation back and fourth so it is needed.... Just with XP it is automatically used as the default. With anything older than XP (98, 95 and crap like that the IPX/SPX had to be configured to run.

Stay with XP for the older games and all your hopes and dreams will come true... :[ Its just more user friendly to the not knowing!!

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I wouldn't even try to mess with IPX. It's not installed on XP by default and modifying a bunch of OSes with an outdated protocol is not fun. There will always be that guy running Win7 or with a work laptop where it just isn't gonna happen. Quite a few old games have patches or 3rd party ports / mods to allow them to run over TCP.

I'd start by making a list of games and get all the appropriate patches or modified versions. Get all the files and keys together and put them in their "ready to install" state in a shared folder.

I'm also a fan of having a dedicated server at least for files and such. (now a days a small NAS might be a better choice). That way you can put all the stuff on a share and people can grab and install what's needed.

Just about any switch will do (I don't even think you can buy hubs anymore). Best bet would be a 10/100/1000 so people can transfer and install stuff at the highest speed possible. I wouldn't rule out wireless as...well... it's fine for gaming packets and less wires. I'd probably setup both and just configure them to be on the same network.

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Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
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I have my whole house wired for lan with 16 ports installed in the walls and ceiling (with 3 separate power circuits)in my garage for LAN parties - 7 more through the rest of the rooms - 1 going to the router. I have not had a LAN in ages though. I have all that going to an upstairs closet to a 24 port switch - don't bother with hubs these days. If you can afford gigabit switch (for large file xfers), get one. Some old school games require IPX/SPX loaded and configured.

If you need more info, PM me.

Diablo IPX setup instructions:
How to Set Up Diablo for IPX Play in Windows XP

LAN setup guide:
LAN Party Guide - LAN Setup
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I thought there was a Diablo patch (1.1?) that added TCP support. Hell there's even doom and duke 3d TCP ports. Why mess with that nasty IPX protocol when you don't have to.

Originally Posted by senghing27
Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
You can contact BigMatt-MadCustoms in his MCB forum
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