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i thought youd find the swivel screen as a BIG plus for your video needs... ???
a swivel screen would help, big time.

but, if you had to choose 5dmkII vs 7d, go for the 7d
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You'd be surprised how helpful a swivel screen can be if you are doing vlogs or what could always just use the EOS Utility that comes with the camera though, if you want a monitor.

They are definitely different animals. Are you a candid/action geared shooter or a portrait/landscape geared shooter?
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more candid action but i like doing both... im leaning more and more toward the 7D because of that, too. i didnt even think about the burst rate on the 5d being slow.

im not into video that much at all, i just said itd be nice to have every once in a while. im not looking to get into filming either. if i ever do, ill probably buy a dedicated video camera.

i had a swivel screen on a couple other cameras and while they were neat at first, i got tired of them really quickly. like heated seats in texas, theyre cool to say you have but pretty much never get used, at least in my case.
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Originally Posted by aka Mich View Post
So very tempting. Let me weigh the cost/benefits between paying rent or buying a _____.
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I recorded that entire video on a 7D with the kit lens and a 70-300. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm pretty impressed with the video quality. It's definitely a nice touch even if you only use it occasionally. Having it there is nice.

One thing though is autofocus. The 5D AF is no where NEAR as nice and updated as the 7D's. The 7D really is a smartass about focus, it is simply awesome with it. I volunteered for a local wedding photographer as an assistant last summer. As I was helping set up I was playing with the 5D a little bit and it still felt pretty sluggish in terms of AF. I'd say it's about the same as the 10D I was shooting at the time. Not bad, just not near as good.

Also, zone AF is a simply AMAZING thing.
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