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Shi Tamagutsu Ka
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Many of my favorites have been listed.
But so many I loved have gone by the wayside and no longer exist.

Digger, HellBound, Suicide For Hire, Sore Thumbs...Pretty much all gone.
But some like Kukuburi are still up & running.

These days I kinda limit myself to TWB, Girl Genius, Questionable Content, Wapsi Square, Something Positive, and a couple others NSFW.
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Post Whore
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I have a bunch I follow, some more then others, but these are the highlights:
mostly daily:
Schlock Mercenary
Sluggy Freelance
Dominic Deegan (ending in a few months )

3 times a weekish:
Girl Genius
Gunnerkrigg Court
The WhiteBoard

weekly or somewhat unscheduled:
Power Nap
Grrrl Power (fairly new comic, now my bright spot for monday morning)
Contemplating Reiko (has started updating again)
Blade Bunny
Looking for Group
Slightly Damned
__________________ Forum for Sniper 1's to MQ and anything autococking welcome.
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The Oatmeal, which has already been mentioned.

Also, Hyperbole and a Half.
Everybody loves me!

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