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Opinions on Manual VS AF lenses

So I recently bought a new d7000 due to my D90 suffering from the BGLOD. Prior to this I became a fan of fully manual AI and AIS lenses due to both the quality of construction and their lower prices when compared to AF lenses. Now on the d90 I couldn't meter through the lens with the manuals, so it was guess-shoot-check histogram-and often reshoot.

With the D7000 though, Nikon finally pulled their collective heads out of their asses and added non-CPU lens support for that level of camera. I consider that feature to be a game-changer. honestly, I think some of the best photos Ive ever taken have been with my fully manual lenses and I really love the quality that they used to make them with (read: metal!). Ive started to wonder if I ever will buy an AF lens again.

Case in-point, I'm looking for a job now and some extra money wouldn't hurt. Ive got a 60mm 2.8 AF micro and a 55mm 3.5 AIS micro sitting at my house right now. I'm considering selling the AF since if I'm going to be doing macro photos its either going to be on a hike in the bright daylight or at home with a tripod. Are their other advantages I would be missing out on if I got rid of the AF that I'm not thinking of?

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The 55mm AIS macro needs an extension tube (PK-13 I think) to go 1:1.

Other than that, no complications. I exclusively use MF for my macro stuff (85mm PC-E).
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Exclusively MF for macro here as well.
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