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JLuke 10-09-2012 01:29 PM

Resident evil 6
So of the people that have played it so far, what's your take on the game? Frankly i'm not very impressed, inventory is basically gone, so many QTE's, zombies shooting guns, ugh.

I will say, i do like the idea of having the different characters with different areas to playthough. ATM I'm only playing through as Leon, havent gotten very far. I will admit though, playing through on the leon campaign does feel like the raccoon city'ish games (RE2 and such) It's nice getting away from the outdoors type senarios, zombies are always more fun/scarier while in large numbers in small city areas.

Overall so far, even though the area does feel more Resident evilish, the feel of the whole game feels too arcade zombie shooter like.

RaggedyMan 10-10-2012 11:51 AM

I like most of the game. Although the QTE's can be infuriating, as well as the car out of nowhere into your face(insta gg). I've only completed Leon's Campaign, and the boss fights aren't even that interesting. Most of them become tedious run to the other side and start shooting again.

Playing this game in co-op is by far the best way to play it. It makes the game much more enjoyable.

elraido 10-10-2012 12:53 PM

I played the demo. Basically the first "level" with all the characters. Leons was the most fun by far. But, like everyone is saying, it is too arcade Gears of War now. It isn't so much the over the shoulder camera or anything like that, it is the lack of suspense....the lack of strategy....the throw everything in your face style action. Too much ammo, inventory basically gone and auto save points. If it was another game, say "zombies ate my neighbors 2012" it wouldn't be a bad game....but this isn't RE.

I know games need to evolve. But this isn't an evolution, it is a complete removal of everything that made Resident Evil what it was. You play the first couple of games, and you ran out of ammo a lot. You had to run. Hunters could kill you by ripping your head off from across the room while you were at full health. Now you just shot shot shot shot shot shot.

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