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Originally Posted by acesn8s View Post
Do you have to build additional containment rooms at your base in order to capture more than one alien per mission?
No, one seems to be enough for unlimited aliens (or at least the 3 I've captured have all gone into one cell without issue.)

Originally Posted by acesn8s View Post
but I'm worried about not having enough depth in my roster. This mission is getting replayed.
Keep your eyes open for missions where the reward is veterans, they really help you keep up with the need for experienced troops! Unless I'm going to loose one of the other countries if I don't go there, I always take the troop option.
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I'm really having a problem with the limited gear option. I know that it's meant for balance so it makes sense to have a choice of a medikit OR a grenade but it just seems stupid to me that you are going into a battle for your life and the fate of the world but you can't find the space for an extra grenade.
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I too have started to worry about roster depth. I keep trying to include Rookies on easier missions but they keep getting ,what the right term, promoted to Sniper class. I got five Squadie Snipers, two Heavy, two Support, and ONE Assault. Where's the balance in that? Although I'm really temped to just take six snipers on a mission
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I think that would be overpowered, actually. Over 10 damage per sniper per turn (with the laser sniper rifle), assuming no one moves, and from an elevated position. Of course, that's if you dont miss.

Then again, if something goes wrong, you can't heal. Or shoot a barrage of rockets. I like that second answer to most threats.

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Ugh I can't wait to play this game.... Love good tactical squad games, and X-COM is rad
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Ending was a let down imo. Final boss got one shotted by my sniper. Game Over.
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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Ugh I can't wait to play this game.... Love good tactical squad games, and X-COM is rad
This is not real "XCOM", you're likely to be disappointed. It's not designed for people seeking a mental challenge.
It's designed for mass appeal - for people who grew up on consoles - preferring interactive movies to actual gameplay depth.
The cinematics and graphics look great initially, and partially explain the rave reviews. The actual content doesn't deliver.

Tactical Squad Gameplay in XCOM-EU:

1. There is no real full cover. If you put your soldier behind a corner, he can still shoot around it, and he can get shot (cover in-between you and your enemy can often be ignored).
On higher difficulty levels, it's not uncommon to lose your best squad member to a cross-map critical that kills them instantly.
To be considered full cover - you have to be in the middle of a 3 tile section of "full cover" obstacles.

Cover can't be destroyed intentionally by normal weapons - even if they can destroy it by accident. You must target aliens.
So if you have weapons that can destroy a wall, and you know an alien is directly behind - you don't have the option of "digging" (high-explosives are exception).

2. There's no TU, so many of the tricks and moves you knew from XCOM are obsolete and replaced with a two-move system modified by perks. It's no longer sandbox - if the developers didn't think of something, you can no longer do it.

3. Many maps have only partial cover, and the maps are small. It's less about finding aliens on large maps, and more about sweeping through small/medium ones.
What is worse for immersion - you often see cover and buildings outside the map limits that you can't access - like your aircraft.

4. Alien AI is scripted to "appear" in a cheesy atmosphere breaking sequence once you trigger their location. Before you do, they don't exist (though patrols may be simulated on some maps).
This means that in terror missions, civilians die randomly when they aren't visible.

5. Every recruit chooses his own profession randomly once they level up - you're offered limited perk options at higher levels. If they don't choose a balanced team - sucks for you.

6. Gear is limited by profession, and severely limited by amount - for example, you only get One (1) grenade each, and get discouraged from ever using them because they destroy artifacts fragments.

On the positive side the AI is not completely terrible - considering the maps are small they did script some basic tactics like flanking (which sometimes backfire with aliens moving willingly into an obvious kill-zone).

The Strategic gameplay suffered similar blows. The air combat is even simpler then UFO:EU (XCOM1). The game's economy and survival fear revolve almost entirely on a pretty lame panic mechanic where every month you get a choice of one location to save with two getting ignored and their panic meters increased. There is also no timeline of the invasion - you trigger story / enemy-waves with certain research choices - which you can willingly delay if you want.

In general, if you want an XCOM remake and rich tactical combat, actual customization and strategic planning you should support this project instead:
Xenonauts – Strategic Planetary Defence Simulator | Xenonauts – an indie spiritual successor to X-Com!

Please play the XCOM:EU DEMO before you consider paying for the game.

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Accidental double post, so I'll make use of it. (Moderators, feel free to delete or merge)

I've mostly focused on the negatives above because no reviewers seem to include them.
It's intended to balance all the glowing reviews that seem to focus on the visuals and ignore the shallow content.

To paraphrase one forum user:

"In the original game you feared the aliens and the creepy atmosphere. In this game you fear the Random-Number-Generator".

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[QUOTE=Tenet;2506840]I know you're an intelligent gamer, based on some of your previous picks -this game is not designed for you.[\QUOTE] As an intelligent gamer who is enjoying this game quite a bit, I find your comment extremely insulting. Just because it isn't exactly what you were hoping for doesn't make it dumb.
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What makes it dumb are the arguments I listed - and can probably list more. It's your choice to ignore the arguments and it's your choice to be insulted by what I wrote.

We can all enjoy chewing gum, which is fine as long as we don't pretend it's a gourmet first course or make it our diet.
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