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Not cheap, and not suitable for more than 4 people. But one of the best games ever.

Ubongo 3d

Ubongo 3D | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
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I'll second the naming of Munchkin as a great series of card games. Really anything by Steve Jackson Games is pretty fun.

I'll add this little nugget that my family likes, Monsters Menace America. Only for 4 players, but if you have enough different 4 to 6 player games, everyone gets to try something new when you have large groups.

Monsters Menace America
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I would third MUNCHKIN... A ton of fun, and many different incarnations. There's also Small World (kind of like Risk), Ninja Burger, Aye Dark Overlord (a sort of ad lib game that is absolutely hilarious), Talisman, and Chaos Marauders. Just a few of my favorites that are a lot of fun, quick to learn.
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not sure if you can find one but civilization was first a board game before it became computer game. only down side to game takes long time to play. last time i played game took about 1hr or more to play.
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My friends and I play an old Formula 1 game called speed circut. The rules are prety simple and it can support an almost indefinite number of players. I get bored with most games because they are more chance than strategy, but this one is pretty good and makes you think. We also play Air Force, but that's probably way more complex than you want.
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go on youtube and check out "board james" he is also known as "the angry video game nerd" and just a heads up he swears a whole bunch (if that matters)
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Munchkin is hella fun. People get so butt hurt its awesome!
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Whats that game wherw you start business and buy stocks?
If you have a human calculator playing to handle all thw monopoly money it gets super competitive. Once you get the jist the plotting is intense. But I have no idea what its called...
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