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ah yea, SSD. buy one yourself and put it in... that's what I did with mine. also if it has an optical drive like mine does, you can get a drive tray in place of it for a second drive/SSD, which is amazing. also if you buy your own SSD you can pick one of the newest ones which are faster, more reliable, and more capacity. Just over $200 for a 256gb Vertex 4 right now, and you can certainly spend less buying a different brand with the same capacity (and only slightly less speed... which is fine since the V4 is insane fast)
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HP Folio 13 Ultrabooks for Business Ultra Thin Tablet Notebooks
this is honestly the best ultrabook on the market, get a refurbished unit and save a bundle
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... what makes it the best? It has integrated graphics only. It should come with more than that for a thousand bucks (the SSD adds like 80 bucks to the price, so it's not that)
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Yea I can't see the reason why notebooks with an SSD as an option are so freaking expensive. I could see a couple years ago but now? Hell NO! I can go buy a new OCZ SSD that reads at 560MB/s and writes at 510MB/s and a 256GB one is under $200 I'm betting within 6 months we'll see enough of a drop that you'll start seeing 512GB SSD's for south of $350 now they are up near $400. And if that,battery life and weight are the only advantages to an ultrabook then I'll pass. When my M14X can get 4 hours on power saving mode weigh only 6lbs AND still has more power than an ultrabook even underclocked then an ultrabook has no place being priced north of $1000. When I look at the specs of most ultrabooks I think Acer has seen the light on pricepoints you can get an i3 ultrabook with an SSD and tons of battery life for $600. I think anything more than that and it's suck it up stop being a wussy and just carry a real machine since if you're paying for weight savings only you're getting ripped off horribly.

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It's generally never a good idea to buy electronics from walmart. You can ALWAYS find it cheaper at Best Buy, (not to mention they are a bit more reputable).

However, if you feel REALLY adventurous, go to - Computer Parts, Laptops, Electronics, HDTVs, Digital Cameras and More!. They are by far the best place to buy electronics, (except tv's which are the same price as Best Buy's, and BB has a better return policy).
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I have an Asus Zenbook..nice and thin and quite comparable to a macbook pro and it's a few hundred dollars cheaper. Processing power is 1.4ghz
The 'ultrabook' you found doesn't seem to be very 'ultrabook'y.Now I hope I'm not sounding like some computer agglet or something but I mean it doesn't have to be paper thin but it should be something you can fit easily insid a backpack without it taking up a massive amount of space. What's the weight on that too? On another note, I won't try and do an HP rant but I've had a few before and DAMN those things heated up sooo fast and they made the palm rests soooo uncomfortable because of the heat. Maybe try and find some consumer reports on it as well?
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PS, "1.4ghz" isnt a processing power... it's just a speed. if you want to know the "power" of a processor it has to be benchmarked... that's what passmark is for.
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Thanks for the Advice Guys. I checked and my processor and scored 250 points less than the processor on the Walmart laptop on Passmark. Also I'm a college student, My budget tops out at 800, MAX. (and it had better be godly if I'm paying that much.) I'm all about bang for my buck. The most important things I want to get out of it is a Compactness, and the processing power to do basic Notetaking, Photoshop, Google Earth, Spotify and Web surfing. Oftentimes at the same time.
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I run Autodesk Inventor 2012 on mine no problem, even when hooked up to a much larger monitor running high res... also games just fine and does all the other stuff. and it was 700 dollars... and when I bought it they were just being phased out in favour of newer models. So keep that in mind... you don't need to buy anything that is the newest model to have high performance, you just need good price-performance and adequate features, preferably from a reliable manufacturer (I really recommend Acer first and foremost, they are excellent for the price)
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