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Looking for suggestions for PC gaming area setup

I am finally getting my mancave/office finished, and one section will be where I play my PC games. I am looking for suggestions on how to set up a desk or station or whatever, with space for a keyboard, mouse, and HOTAS joystick (sidestick and throttle). I have a TrackIR, and will probably be getting rudder pedals. I do not discount getting some kind of steering wheel or flight/steering wheel combo in the future. The display is a 40" LCD TV, centered at eye level when I sit in my chair.

Here is the area:
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I play regular keyboard/mouse games, some flight sims, and BF3, which is one of the main design considerations right now. I want to be able to switch from keyboard/mouse to joystick/throttle seamlessly, without having to reposition anything. I am particularly picky about keyboard and mouse height, I can't stand standard desk heights for a keyboard. This is my work computer setup, the height at which the keyboard tray sits is perfect for me, so that would be the goal for the game area for the keyboard.

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Searches I've done come up with people trying to make realistic looking cockpits, not interested in that. Function over looks, but it can't look like poo either. Maybe something that is modular and adjustable, that I can change around if needed? Nothing too bulky either, as the Wii will be up here too, and we'll need space behind it for the players to stand. Ideally, something with just the right amount of keyboard and mouse space, with joystick platforms off to the side and down a bit maybe. Anyone know of a table that can be modified maybe? Lowered for the keyboard height, or maybe just by adding a sturdy tray, and then I have to add two platforms for the joystick and throttle? I have 55" to work with side-to-side.

Oh and here is the work-in-progress gun wall behind it
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