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Building and hosting a website

Where oh where do I start? Any books to read up on... Learning HTML/C etc.?
I have no idea, but I am willing to put time in to make a site that doesn't look like a "template" site. Just a personal site, some photos etc, not one with a store or anything yet.

Hosting as well.. ?

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as for hosting, you should be able to find a good cheap one, just google for the top ten hosting providers and you can make a decision. I went with for mine from a reference from friends. I've had no problem with it, I simply use it for hosting my portfolio at the moment. I'll grow it with time.

They have a sale on at the moment I believe, $5 a month.

As for building, I honestly "cheated" when it comes to making a site (but not using a template). I built the whole thing in Adobe Illustrator and just used DreamWeaver to create hot spots for links. It's stupid easy, no coding involved, but certainly doesn't make me look like I design websites for a living (which I don't, the answer will always be NO, or gonna cost A LOT).

I need to redo the website again. But that is one option if you have access to the Adobe programs. I have also seen tutorials to make an XML type page or something from a photoshop file, I will be looking into that when I remake my page.
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I hear a lot of good things about SquareSpace - you can build a trial website for free that will last two weeks. After that you can keep the website for $8/month (with some download limitations) or unlimited, plus name hosting, for $16/month. And if you listen to any of the podcasts over on the TWiT Network, you can get an offer code to get discounts off of those prices.
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Really depends on how complex you want it to be, and what you want it to have. You can do a lot with very basic HTML, which is easy enough to learn. Using CSS lets you get a more uniformed look across pages easily, and isn't that hard to learn as well.

If you get into more complex things with lots of changes and updates, then going with some kind of back end/content management site can make sense.

So, what is it that you want in a website? What is it going to do for you? Give us a detailed idea of what you're trying to do, and we can help you more.
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Check with Lrrpie-ct on here, he hosts my fields page. I used frontage which is now Expressions web to build the page. Unless you know html go with a visual editor.
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If you dont want to learn HTML, try
its a drag and drop like builder.
I have been slowly building mine up
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I can offer you some help if you wish. Its been a couple years since my web programming and server running days though : ). just lmk
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