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What if the games FTL: Faster Than Light, and Dwarf Fortress Had a baby?

Yes, for anyone actually following, I do have some project commitment issues. I bounce around between projects fairly often, especially when something bogs me down. Having other things to jump to when work on a given problem gets slow helps keep me moving forward. Tackle new things, learn new methods, then fall back and apply new ideas to older problems.

So, for anyone wondering: The rocket simulator had been proving too demanding for current mobile hardware, and the game play I was looking for simply wasn't emerging in test builds. Mostly shelving that for awhile. Hopefully by the time I get access to more cores on mobile devices I will have come up with a decent solution to the design interface to make building your stuff easier. (That, and I'm highly disappointed with how my explosions were fitting in with the rest of the wire-frame graphics.)

The Mech Turn Based Strategy game is suffering some similar interface issues. Not nearly as much coding done on it as I would have liked, but a lot of paper prototyping has been going on. Still hanging on design issues relating to what the user can do with regards to mech design, and really struggling with coming up with a reasonable AI design that will be both very interesting/challenging for a player, and not bring tablets to their knees/have half hour turns. It is however, simmering very nicely, and isn't really on a back burner at this point.

However, I'm bringing another project up from the back burner where it drifted away to years ago, and this time it is getting revamped and will most likely target Android, PC, and likely Linux.

For the next month or two, possibly more if things keep going well, my focus for programming is going to be a sort of Rogue Like game, in space. Picture something with the grand scale of Dwarf Fortress, combined with FTL: Faster Than Light space travel.

The game's concept would be that you are a Human Captain of a star ship, and you start off as the first ship from earth to set off and explore the galaxy. Content and layout would be procedurally generated based on choices you seed the engine with. Choosing from a handful of options you will influence how united Earth's population is, and what their view on going into space are. Will you be commander of the flag ship science vessel for the Terrian Union, setting out on a mission of peaceful scientific exploration along side dozens of other ships? Or will you choose to start off as High Commander of the Empire's Vanguard Armada, seeking to spread Humanity across the stars, enslaving or destroying any who would stand in your way? Or maybe you will be the commander of a single experimental ship launched by one of many nations?

So, the question here is, what aspects do you feel are really important to such a game. Key points of the design:
1. Turn based. (And likely single player)
2. The universe is random, and unique each time you play. One game you may find minimal intelligent life out among the stars, having only the spread of humanity to keep you company, while the next every other planet you find could have some life and you find yourself invited into a community of relatively peaceful and diverse star travelling species. The next, you encounter a probe from a galactic empire before you past Pluto, and are informed you're not a slave subject... Good luck!
3. Decisions a player makes shapes how many things develop, but they are not a god.
4. "Perma Death" would be included, but a given universe could be replayed with a new ship and a new crew. Player may even want to "Retire" and let time advance a bit till something new and interesting happens.

This is really just another "Fishing for design ideas" threads, so chip in your thoughts on the matter if this is the kind of game you may be interested in.
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