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Survey - Paintball Community Ranking

The day has finally come for us to collect feedback on some software we are building for the paintball community. If you have 5 minutes, please fill out our survey and give us some candid feedback. As well, please spread the survey to every paintball group you know of! In order to build our product for the paintball community, we need to get a TON of feedback from players around North America.

This is the starting idea for our offering:
Imagine a simple to use dashboard that displayed all of the active players in your local paintball community, and ranked them based on the points the have earned from attending physical events and checking in, in addition to the badges they earn from in game, pre-set awards (like MVP, Most Sportsmanlike, etc). In addition, you would be able to see all upcoming games in the community, how many points they are worth, and what badges are available at each. Our goal with this platform, is to recognize the active "players" in the community, and sperate them from the "talkers" we all encounter online through forums, chatting at stores, etc) in order to build a stronger "player" community. We also want to encourage more players to become "regulars" and become active contributors in the community.

We propose a simplistic online dashboard/profile that ranks you among active members in your local paintball community. You are ranked based on event attendance and earning pre-set rewards such as 'MVP', 'Most Sportsmanlike' etc.

In addition, this dashboard would display upcoming events, the breakdown of point distribution within each event, and the badges available to be earned at each event.

Your rank and involvement within this dashboard could then be used to unlock specializations such as cash off your next game, free bags of paintballs, or a free buddy pass!

Our goal is to recognize active players and build a stronger player community.

Help us get the feedback we need to build this product for everyone to use! Thanks in advance!

Jason Zeiler - Canadian Paintballer

PS - Should this be in a different part of the forum?

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Filled it out.

I'm not your target audience for this but it sounds like a cool idea. You would probably get more interest if you wrote a little about what you are trying to do in this thread.
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very cool

in the speedball world, APPA is taking over....

PSP and MANY other affiliate leagues all use it

over on pbn, you can link APPA to PBN and have a badge displayed under your avatar with your ranking Div5/Div4/Div3/Pro/etc
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Will do, thanks for the great feedback!
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filled it out
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