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Soon to be looking for a new phone, need a sturdy one.

So I'm a T-mobile customer, and one issue they've had for a while is a lack of a good ruggedized phone. So I'm looking for a good unlocked phone that can be made to work with their network. Doesn't need to be the latest and greatest. It's a phone, I make phone calls with it, though a GPS would be nice. No smart phones, don't want to have to spend extra for a data plan. Enough free wifi's out there for my tablet so it would just be redundant.

Dust proof is highly important. I literally wade kneed deep in sawdust some days at work. Impact resistant wouldn't be a bad idea either since I carry my phone in my front pocket, and well the darn thing always gets bumped into something.

So, any model suggestions?
Anything to watch out for when looking for an unlocked phone?
Refurbished phones, good deal or not?
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iphone with otterbox defender. Man this thing is tough. Unreal tough. I throw it around like it's unbreakable, it lives in my pocket and I am hard on gear. Works good, no foolishness, and great support from the other billions of users and the many many apps available.
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I've been using G'zOne's. Had a boulder, and went to a commando when I needed a smartphone. Fully ruggedized to all milspec standards for phones. I wash them with warm water and dish soap when they get mucked up. Both survived falls from the seat of a box truck to the asphalt, bouncing of a step on the way. You won't find a more durable line of phones.

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Well, my Samsung Focus Flash, with no protective case, fell out of my pocket on Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens and survived unscathed...
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you should also do some research since even if the phone sturdy one it might have poor quality in other areas. also fact some phone will be better getting single then some. you should look to see what t-mobile has for constructing workers. since they will be most sturdy one on market. also good case will help protect the phone too.
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