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Originally Posted by Murf425 View Post
What are the two (four) things? I know about the TMD wrist thingy, but it didn't look too convoluted or complicated. And since it gets used to solve puzzles, I can give it some slack as opposed to just being stuck in for "Ooh, magic".

Other than that, it sounds like a simple old school run and gun blast mutant Russians in the face kind of game.

But, if I hate it, it was only $2 anyway.
I basically did the same thing with my $50 gamestop birthday present went through and bought $2-10
games until I was out of money picked up some fun things I would never have bought otherwise.

What I do NOT like in a game:
- TMD. -needed to solve certain puzzles/proceed through the game
I just want guns, rocket launchers, futuristic laser guns, stuff like that.

- The Puzzle system in general

- What it takes to kill certain enemies

- Scary ****. I admit it, I'm a big puss and don't want to crap myself (probably why, along with the making weapons thing, I haven't tried Dead Space yet). It is a Survival-horror game and there are a few BOO! moments

- The Story line ending (there are a couple of ways to finish it let me know if you like any of them)

Originally Posted by Nightstar View Post
I translated this as: Scenario games are popular with overshooting douchebags raging on cocaine and steroid cocktails while roasting puppies and punching babies. Stay home unless you enjoy impromptu fistfights.
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Also, World of Planes is in closed Beta right now. I applied on Thursday and was given access Friday so it appears they still need people. It's a lot of fun. More than World of Tanks IMHO.
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I know you already ordered some games, Murf. But eventually, you're gonna finish those, so...

Someone mentioned Borderlands 1 & 2 earlier. I second that, based on your criteria. Pure run-n-gun, with some drive-n-gun mixed in.

Love the Fallout games, but 3 was better than New Vegas, imo. You can get it for a little more Fallout flavor, though, cuz it isn't a BAD game (just do NOT enter the stone quarry without big guns, Oh. My. Crom.)

Rage is super fun but super short. I found the Anarchy Edition at Kmart for $10 (includes some dlc), but for ps3. Played a little like Borderlands, but with a more serious tone. There's a slight emphasis on the racing/driving aspect, but the required racing parts are not hard (which is good cuz i hate racing games).

I honestly don't know what else is out there, especially for 360 since i have a ps3. And i've been playing Skyrim since March 2012.
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I have been kind of interested in STALKER and Metro 2033. They look like interesting games.
EDIT: Looks like Metro last Light finally came out too. That looks gooda s well.

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Give warframe a try too, it's free so doesn't really matter if you dont like it.

I don't always play pump, but when I do, I prefer a rotor.....stay agg my friends.
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Serious Sam really does fit that criteria.

Only 2 things about it.
Graphics are definitely going to be dated.
It's much better to play with someone else (at least in my opinion).
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Originally Posted by philosophia View Post
Just Cause 2? The premise of the game is to blow up everything (more or less).
But the AI is beyond stupid.
What you can do ingame though is pretty fun though. (Bungee cord oildrums to planes and what not)
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Serious sam 1 2 or 3

This is the only game where I shoot so much stuff and held the "trigger" so long that my finger got tired and I felt like I have killed enough. OH and just go ahead and cheat the story kinda sucks all you want to do is get the biggest gun you can and kill literally thousands of enemies.
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No love for Mercenaries?
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Surprised no one has suggested Golden Eye Reloaded. It's different from the original, but a pretty damn good game nonetheless.
Also, Sniper Elite V2 was a pretty fun game, albeit short

I would stay away from the Medal of Honor present day style shooter. It was buggy as all hell, I didn't even finish the game because of it.
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