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Adobe switches to a focus on Subscription based services: Internet erupts in panic.

So, haven't seen anything else about this posted here, but adobe is, going forward, switching to a service based subscription model. "small" titles like Elements and Lightroom will continue to be traditional pay-once licenses, while their larger tools of Photoshop and such will be subscription only starting in the next edition, with a heavy push for users of the current edition to switch to their 'cloud' service.

The apps will continue to be run client side as they are now, but offer additional services and tools online along with direct download of the software you are using. Despite being called a "cloud", it is NOT remote "cloud computing".

So, anyone else amused by the amount of confusion and panic over the issue?
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i'm not panicking at all. i still got photoshop 3 on its original floppy disks. now all i need is a floppy drive.
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Works fine for me, at around 30 a month for a creative suite subscription and the more and more frequent release cycle you'd be an idiot to buy a perpetual license. Hell, the subscription service is the only reason I won't pirate it anymore.

Cs is very hardware dependant now with gui processing and due to a lot of Web integration it needs constant security patching, why would adobe want to continue paying developers to patch old releases?

It also solves the freelancers complaint (which is mostly what graphic design is made up of these days, even in house), "why pay so much for one job. "

Changing graphic design landscape and technology landscape it was inevitable.

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Originally Posted by boo View Post
Works fine for me, at around 30 a month for a creative suite subscription and the more and more frequent release cycle you'd be an idiot to buy a perpetual license. Hell, the subscription service is the only reason I won't use long term evaluation copies anymore.
Fixed that for you
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I remember seeing this as a pilot program, I'm not terribly against it. For them it's smart, and I can understand some of the benefits, although I'm sure at some point someone will think to themselves "holy crap I've paid for this program twice now".

I have full copies of CS4 and 5, and I'm happy with them. I don't plan on needing to upgrade anytime soon. And I'm pretty sure you can just rent individual programs as needed instead of paying for the entire creative suite.

My only gripe might be if they change shortcuts and things like that between patches and upgrades. Going back to CS4 cause of my traveling I have noticed more than half of the things I'm used to with CS5 don't work in CS4. So hopefully they will just stick with a layout and not change things on people over time.

This will be interesting to see develop. I'm not against it, even tho I'm not sure how I like all this "cloud" stuff.
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