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Reading about the new Xbox made me think of this.

I really like the fact that they made the shoulder buttons on the new controller wider and the baterry pack is now flat, which should mean a more comfortable hold.

I don't like that used games supposedly have a "fee" which is full MSRP. So, Do I have to give away the used game and not make a small profit on it?
(I admit that most of the games I have are used or bought after discounts.)

If I had more than one console with different LIVE accounts (brothers), do I have to pay twice for the game even if its on a CLOUD with family settings?
I would love a $60 savings if it's playable simultaneously on two consoles from the cloud.
I doubt it, since this could be exploited by downloading a game to two different consoles with two different accounts from a single disc and using family settings.
(I kind of answered my own question but would like some thoughts on this one)
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I'll just leave this here:
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Waiting on GoD.
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lol somebody had too much time on his/her hands.....
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Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post

this is just win.
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i found this

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oh lawd that there is a freudian slip

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Microsoft has made my decision much easier to make.
Paintball is fun!
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this picture is trending on reddit. at the risk of getting too political, let me steer this back to the xbox: kinect is always connected. think about what this means in combination with that....

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Wohoo! Data mining! Seriously the Xbox one is shaping up to be some seriously scary ****. **** that. They are just begging to lose their gaming market share to steam
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the 360 has such a huge playerbase that the people will rush out to buy the new one simply because that's where the friends they know will be getting.
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