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I have been looking for an excuse to invest in a sick PC gaming unit. Looks like I have one now.
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I have honestly no idea why microsoft did such a stupid thing. From what I heard the xbox 1 will also cost more than the 360, which is ridiculous because half the reason people buy console is because they can't afford a fancy custom gaming PC. Microsoft is going to lose a TON of customers over this, kinda like they did with windows eight.
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I don't think anyone abandoned windows because of windows 8, it's just that everyone stuck with windows 7
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Originally Posted by martix_agent View Post
I have to agree. It's preposterous to have this. At the very least, give the user an account so that the servers know they've already paid for the game and can uninstall and re-install it whenever they want.
That is, in essence, what the existing 360 already does. If you get a new box or your HDD dies, Live knows what you've already purchased, and you can download it again for free.

And, there's an update to the Kotaku story:

Update: Sounds like things are a mess over at Microsoft. Now they're telling Polygon that Harrison's comments illustrate a "potential scenario."

"While Phil [Harrison] discussed many potential scenarios around games on Xbox One, today we have only confirmed that we designed Xbox One to enable our customers to trade in and resell games at retail," a Microsoft rep said. "There have been reports of a specific time period those were discussions of potential scenarios, but we have not confirmed any details today, nor will we be."
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Mandatory Kinect usage is also a little disturbing. The camera is listening out for you even when it's "off" (it's never really off), and while Microsoft has issued a statement saying it has "strong privacy protections" in place, people are still rightly concerned that a machine -connected to the internet and featuring a camera which is always listening - might be a problem.

I hope E3 treats Microsoft better.
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Originally Posted by CCM Photographer View Post
i wouldn't be too sure they are microsoft employees. because sony would clap its hands for that announcement too.

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Everything I have been hearing about these new systems is pretty dissapponting. They sound marginally better at anything and more of a PITA than ever before. They honestly sound like a big money grab. I won't be getting one and if support eventually ends for the current regime of systems, mainly Xbox for me, I guess I will just have to finally stop playing video games. Let's hope Xboxlive stays alive and we can still play our old games online.
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meanwhile i'm eyeing the nintendo 3ds....
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the online once a day thing sucks
they try to control more junk everytime. lets see how it all turns out. i dont see anything in the new system that makes me want to run out and buy one or even consider one, but then again i still shoot an automag.
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Originally Posted by D3adpool View Post
I cant feel sorry for Gamestop lol.... they would buy my game for $5 and sell it back for $30+.

Employees yes... Corporation no. But they see the trends. They knew it is / was coming. What are you doing in the meantime to stay current? I have no clue.

Oh the other reason why I said they are going to shift immediately (or shortly thereafter)to next gen titles is because the last installment of these consoles were 2005/2006. Prior to that the next gen was in play every ~5 years (Playstation 2 = 2000, Playstation 3 = 2006 / Xbox = 2001, Xbox 360 = 2005....I think). These platforms are long overdue. The economic crisis put the freezer hold on releasing them.

First part, meh, capitalism. Not a hell of a lot of profit/markup for retailers in brand new games, or new consoles for that matter.

People complain about what they get from these places, well... you want more money for your used game? Put the effort in and sell it yourself. Don't moan when the easy path is taken.

Second part, this gen of consoles were always on a longish cycle, 7-10 years depending on the source (and console).

As to the new Xbox, there are reasons Sony does better pretty much every where else around the world, looks like that trend is going to continue.
I doubt I will be buying this next gen Xbox, looks like I will be totally PS now.
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