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$90 for an alpha build... on steam.

wtf, you're supposed to make an incomplete product cheaper than a complete one, not the other way around, i don't care what you did on kickstarter. like how i paid $14 for minecraft alpha and it retails for $26.

how did these jerks even find enough people to test alpha with these price tiers?

$60 for beta, **** i pay $60 for a brand new finished game on ps3. i don't know what's a more ridiculous price grab, this or war z.

Planetary Annihilation on Steam
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I would lose my mind if I put some money in for kickstarter on this garbage to find the alpha going for 90.

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That looks awesome but $90 for an Alpha? **** right off...
For Sale/Trade
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yea I want it... but that is crazy. they haven't even released actual screenshots and gameplay videos yet, it's all concept renders!
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Saw that, and wanted in too. Not willing to take the leap. Honestly it feels like bigger Supreme Commander which even that left me longing for Total Annihilation and not quite filling the gap.
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This is looking like Total Annihilation, SupCom, and Spore got together and had an ugly baby...

I might be interested if they divide that price by 10 or more.
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total annihilation- best rts to date

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