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Satellite internet / CDMA on straight talk

Verizon and I are at a crossroads. I have basically told them that I will not be paying a premium price for the subpar customer service they offer me. I have also told them, because of various issues, that I do not feel the contract is binding and they are welcome to have that argument with me in both civil court and the court of public opinion.

That being said I have a slight issue. Verizon's network is the only one that covers my house. Frontier is currently offering me satellite internet + home phone for a reasonable price (about $90 for both) which would allow me to not worry about my Verizon hotspot which offers my internet connection at this time.

I have no access to DSL or cable modems at home. They are simply not an option. How bad are the current satellite systems for internet in comparison to a 3G cell connection?

On a second note: Straight talk and CDMA phones. It says I can bring my own phone and I have a Droid incredible I would not mind bringing over (and my wife's Droid 2). Is this a problem?
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I think I'd prefer the cell connection. My parents had satellite internet and it was miserable. The 200mb a day limit was ridiculous, but maybe its different with Frontier.

The other issue though is that I believe Straight Talk will limit your data to 1gb-1.5gb a month. I can't speak for ST on CDMA though since I use them for ATnT but I imagine its a similar deal where you just need to adjust some settings and you can use any CDMA phone.

Upon further inspection, you may not be able to use just any CDMA phone. From the ST site when trying to activate..."Phone is a CDMA model (i.e. Sprint, Metro PCS) from TracFone, SafeLink, NET10, Straight Talk, or Telcel America."

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sounds like your about in the same boat I am in, You also might want to see if Clear(LTE tech/Wimax) is available in your area. I am going to have to go to Dish net here soon because our internet has slowed to a crawl if that. Usually Satellite internet is around 1.5 MBPs any more. The only thing you have to worry about with Satellite is latency, good luck with +100ms latency for just about anything.
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