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Most inkjets are expensive to maintain and suffer from the ink drying in the print head issue. Unless you're going to print color a few times a month then definitely get a laser. I personally prefer HP printers and would lean towards a small size business class one. You can often get used ones for next to nothing. I have a HP 1300 we've used for the last 6-7 years. Got it free and even have a spare NIB toner. Have run probably 4-5k pages through it and haven't had to change the toner yet.

Wireless may or may not be useful depending on where you're going to put it. I have the ethernet module on mine and just configured an IP then plugged it into the wireless router so any machine in the house (wired or not) can get to it.

More memory is nice but I wouldn't pay a ton for it. The memory is a local buffer on the device. If you send something like a large PDF to it and there's not enough memory it's not going to fail. It will spool on the machine printing it and send in chunks. It just takes longer.

When the past photo printer quit, we did the walgreens thing for a bit. We do actually do a moderate amount of color printing (kids projects / holidays...etc) so it was a pain. Recently picked up an HP Envy printer. Still an inkjet but I have to say the thing is pretty amazing.

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The only ink printer I still use is a DesignJet. Laser Printing is better for everything that I've found.
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Laser is the way to go. We use it often and a toner usually lasts us about 14 months. I wouldnt go back to inkjet ever again. The only downside I have found is that they dont make cool papers for it like they do the inkjet. No Sticker paper, iron on transfers etc, but for the once or twice a year id do that sort of thing ill bug a friend who still buys ink for 3o bucks every 2 months.

Just an fyi for those who have lasers remember the replace me message is just an estimate. Hang on to those toners until they start to produce poor quality and get everything you can out of them. That message is just a built in suggestion. The printer really has no idea how much is left. If I print 20 pages each with one coupon on it it uses less toner than if I printed 20 full color pictures. To the printer though its the same.
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dukie, FYI, those drums are good for 100K pages, theres an internal counter that will alert you when its worth changing

laser printers are best for people that print once in awhile.. or people that print constantly

middle of the road load is probably best for inkjets, your printing often enough that your able to make use of your whole ink cartridge, and your not running it dry in a couple days

if you print a lot the advantages are obvious. if you print rarely, toner never dries your not spending $50 to replace the cartridges when you need to print 3 pages.

there are some new inkjests out now that use some kind of an oil based ink.. and they have an impressively high yield


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Originally Posted by dukie View Post
I have a brother DCP-7065DN. I absolutely love it.

Its black and white, laser, and multi function. It even has a document feeder.

The promo toner cartridge that came with it printed 700 pages before it started to go. New cartriges are $60 for the standard yield which I think is the 1000 page. The high yield is something like 1700 pages for $75 last time I looked.

The drum is replaceable and comes out with the cartridge for changing. Haen't had to change it yet and don't expect to for a very long time.

If I come in in the morning and send a print job the first page comes out in under 10 seconds from a sleep start. I don't know hom many pages a minute it is but its fast.

$99 on sale, and it comes up somewhere for sale every other week it seems.

No more inkjets for me. Ever.

The only downside to this model is that it is USB or ethernet only. No wireless included.
I've got one of these at my desk at work. It's great, perfect for when I need to fire off 10 pages of documents for someone standing at my desk.
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Printers and ink are a scam... FREAKING SCAM!!!

I remember buying refills that cost more than the printer, are you kidding me?

That being said.
I have the lowend brother black and white laser jet, about 4 years old. No issues and the ink drum prints forever. I did grad school, employment resumes, and about 2 years worth of school projects (split between myself and my three siblings) on one ink drum.

For color, I have some cheapo inkjet/scanner combo from HP. Refill the carts at the store, and if the printer breaks then it is going in the trash.
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I've settled on a HP LaserJet Pro M401DNE (Costco has a huge discount on them til the end of the month).

I'll go to Kinko's or other places if I need color prints, and any number of digital photo printing places if I want some pics printed in photo quality.

Thanks for all the advice!!
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