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uv_halo 07-24-2013 11:06 AM

Time to Switch to a Laser Printer?
A few days ago, my Canon ip4700 died at just under 3yrs old with an "Error 200" which means it needs to go to a service center for repair. I tried cleaning the print head thanks to some helpful youtube videos but, unfortunately it was to no avail.

Unfortunately, even though I had it for about three years, I really don't feel I got my money out of it. This could be said for nearly all of the printers I've had since inkjets became the norm. I don't actually print a lot or often. Over three years, the most significant amount of printing was about two 30 page map sets on map paper. Occasionally, directions or such, and less than 20 photo quality prints (I just recently discovered that it did double-sided prints). The vast majority of my printing is grayscale since it's usually just for quick reference.

This particular printer I liked because of it's multiple ink tank design but, it still irritated me to no end when even when I was printing grayscale, and it had two black tanks (one large, one small), the colors would still run out. Another thing is that because I didn't print very often, it seems that I lose a lot of ink (and time) as the print head cleans the dried ink out before starting a job. The area around the waste 'tank' was covered in ink as if it had been splattering a lot.

So, are there any long term, home users of laser printers on here? How do they hold up over time? Do they suffer if they aren't printed from frequently?

I'm totally willing to settle for a monochrome printer- the few times I need photo prints, I can just have those printed at any number of places. But, I'm interested in color laser printer experience as well.

tangus999 07-24-2013 01:06 PM

im interested in this too.
the wife is a teacher and in the last 5 years of being with here weve gone through 3 printers! WTF.
this last time when she said we need a new printer i said were getting a laser and im buying it shes had her chance.
fill me in too

Cunha 07-24-2013 01:15 PM

You want a laser printer.

Work out the cost per page of paper and buy the most cost effective model you can afford. Expect to easily spend more money on toner than the printer itself over the course of the printers life.

Just start reading reviews and pay attention to toner options. Some consumer models have poorly priced toner and things like that. Cost per page is what matters.

When considering two models...see how much you will need to print in order to justify stepping up to a more expensive model with more cost effective toner.

Laser printers are the only way to question.

Better models print faster with more resolution. For what most people do, you just want it to be fast enough..and fine enough.

JLuke 07-24-2013 01:17 PM

I thought normally you just toss a printer in the trash when the ink runs out since a new printer with ink cartridges costs less than buying the actual cartridge.

Cunha 07-24-2013 01:18 PM

Right. which is a horrible waste of money probably costing you close to 50 cents per page of paper printed.

tarakian 07-24-2013 01:34 PM

I have both at home. Inkjets tend to destroy themselves when not used on a very regular basis due to ink drying out and such. Laser printers don't have ink, so frequency of print is not an issue. I have a small color laser at work that, though not super fast, works quite nicely and was relatively cheap.

Daze 07-24-2013 01:39 PM

I've had a black and white Brother printer for about 4 years now. The wife prints lots of school notes and slides on it so she can study them at work. We've put a couple of thousand pages through it and we're on our second toner cartridge. We go to walgreens when we need color and we're still a whole lot cheaper.

uv_halo 07-24-2013 02:54 PM

Thanks for all the great input- I've been looking at reviews and for my needs, I agree, Laser is where it's at.

I'm currently considering an HP Pro 1606 or, 401. The 401 costs more up front but, the cost per page is lower according to Consumer Reports.

I've read that Laser Printers require memory for large print jobs- can anyone speak to this from a usability standpoint? Is it worth it to go after a printer with more memory or, buy one and upgrade it later on?

BoBo 07-24-2013 03:01 PM

Buy the best you can afford.

I have a Dell 1330 MFP and love it. Scanning to email etc is a very useful function and it's fast.

Toner is fairly expensive but not as expensive as tossing unused inkjet cartridges

dukie 07-24-2013 03:21 PM

I have a brother DCP-7065DN. I absolutely love it.

Its black and white, laser, and multi function. It even has a document feeder.

The promo toner cartridge that came with it printed 700 pages before it started to go. New cartriges are $60 for the standard yield which I think is the 1000 page. The high yield is something like 1700 pages for $75 last time I looked.

The drum is replaceable and comes out with the cartridge for changing. Haen't had to change it yet and don't expect to for a very long time.

If I come in in the morning and send a print job the first page comes out in under 10 seconds from a sleep start. I don't know hom many pages a minute it is but its fast.

$99 on sale, and it comes up somewhere for sale every other week it seems.

No more inkjets for me. Ever.

The only downside to this model is that it is USB or ethernet only. No wireless included.

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