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I'd like to pick one up but I don't have money for one. Hopefully I can gather funds so it can be my Christmas present from my woman
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lol IGN's test PS4 bit the bucket within 6 hours of testing....

this is why I will never pre-order or be a first adopter....the stories begin
with problem consoles and the change of the terms of services...

Steam box! steam box! steam box!
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Originally Posted by mrmag11 View Post
I'm wondering how true Sony's statements are about having enough on launch day to not need to pre-order. One of their big wigs was quoted saying that there shouldn't be monumental shortages like prior launches.

Is anyone going to try and stop in a store today and pick one up?
if they have any sense, they would make sure that is the case. it would be wise to ride on the xbone disdain as long as possible and the chips may fall differently after it launches.

i remember buying my wii when it launched. i did not plan on getting it but drove past some obscure gamestop when i saw the ups truck approaching it. decided to get in line on a whim. 3rd in line. ups guy delivered 3 wiis.
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It seems to be that people that are getting bricked machines are the ones that are pulling the plug during the update, powering the machine down during the update and pulling the HDD out while the system is performing the update. Also the HDMI port is causing pins to get bent when being plugged in.
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Originally Posted by lmartin View Post
i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.
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I picked one up at gamestop at launch got the last one.
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Originally Posted by p8ntninja View Post
It seems to be that people that are getting bricked machines are the ones that are pulling the plug during the update
that's a bad idea for any machine. i bet those are microsoft employees
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Picked up two just to sell them. Costco had a bunch after everyone else sold out.
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Not cool. Scalp the machine and sell them to make a quick buck while preventing early adopters to buy a system at retail price.
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I saw that Microsoft made a snide remark to Sony about the launch, I can't wait until the problems with both consoles are sorted out. The Xbone's launch is going to be just as bumpy I bet.
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Sorry, that's classified.
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Typical day one issues. It's nothing new. I did the USB update. Had it ready as soon as SONY put it out and sort of reccommended it.

I dig it so far. It's nothing uber-phenominal, a more advanced gaming system for me.

I like that the headset option will take any standard sized 3.5 mm jack with headphones and a mic to comm with people. Haven't gone through with it yet but it looked like I could set up a party chat with a friend while playing a game/multitasking like the xbox has always been able to do.

The sony companion app is pretty neat too. A friend and I were messaging through that while playing different games. On a related note, It's good to not have to end the game to open up the messaging service on the menu. I pulled open the ps menu while the game was going and like it should, it held what was going on, I could type up a chat real quick, and it let me get back to where I left off seamlessly.

Can't comment a whole lot just yet, haven't taken advantage of every feature quite yet.

Quick story;

I went to pick it up after a little get together last night. There were two other parties picking up their consoles as well at my gamestop. I heard they had 100 preorders and 9 extras. All the extras were gone. When I went up to the counter and they ran my membership card, they laughed.

"Haha, Oh you were number fifteen?" the guy says
"Yup that's me." I say not knowing what's going on.

I guess they were doing them numerically and that would have been my spot in line. Darn, I figured that I would've just been after whoever was in line in front of me when I showed up if I went at launch night.
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