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BF3 Rant-sort of.

I jumped in for a couple "Tehran Highway" yesterday afternoon, only to find myself in some bizarre hacked server, playing against LOSER level 100's who must have got there through this horrible method of playing.
I started in the Russian base, and everything seems normal. I work my way to "Back Yard" only to get sniped by some putz who's glitching, firing from the roofs from the row of buildings on the right facing the US base. You know the glitch, drive the Hummvee up the hill and over the railing, and drive it on the roofs of that row of buildings.

So, I respawn at "Truck", and I work my way up the hill of the US base and lay down on the rocks at the base of the wall, shoulder my G36 with the 8-power scope and off this guy. I wait until he respawns, and cap him once again. I then decide to grab the Hummer at "Back Yard" and drive it up on the buildings and show him that he's not the only guy who knows how to glitch.

So, up I go onto the roofs, and I'm pushing the button to man the .50 cal and guess what? No response. No matter how many times I hit the button, I can't mount the gun. So I try to escape from the Hummer and guess what? I'm STUCK INSIDE! Then I'm killed by a couple grenades lobbed at me.

Pissed, I respawn at the Russian base and jump into the BMP. As soon as I get in and drive to the first off-ramp, the BMP starts acting like I'm in Antartica on dial-up. I manage to destroy their M-1 and LAV, but once again, when I'm attacked, I can't escape the vehicle as my "escape" button is unresponsive.

I realized that the game/server had been tweaked to say the least, so I decide to just play my best and annoy these putzes as best I can. 3 knife kills in the blue container office near "Truck" of Snipers, capping the glitching dude on the roofs a couple more times, C4'ed the LAV, TOW'ed the M-1. It eventually got boring, and I left.

I can't understand why people will do this. It's like cheating in Paintball, or sending someone a virus to wreck their computer.

It's so lame.

Grow the farts up you pansies.
Fearlessly, the idiot faced the crowd, smiling...
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