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Digital Paintball 2.1 Redux!

Allow me to introduce myself quickly (This is my first post...). I am Bloodvayne. Been playing RL paintball on and off since around 1997. But have been a long standing member of the Digital Paintball (Half-Life) Mod community.

With a recent spurt of members coming back to play and almost daily scrimmages. I took it upon myself and the help of a old dev team member to bring DPB 2.1 up to speed. Also have 5 testers helping me with feedback on what I screw up lol. It's been a tiresome couple of months. But I will be releasing this new version by the end of this month.

Here is the website link:

Digital Paintball Redux – A Half-Life Paintball Modification

Please by all means tell me what you think. And spread the word! See yall on the Digital Fields.

Also run a website called BYOP. Dedicated to hoarding any and all DPB content I have come across over the years. It's been around almost as long as DPB has been. And it's basically a "Digital" paintball museum lol. So if you want to change things up when you play, give my site a look:

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SO stoked you are bringing this back...I recall this mod from way back in the day and always had a good time with it. Looking forward to seeing a revamp
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My feedback:
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Whoa. I remember playing DPB back in the early 2000s. It was one of the cooler HL mods. I stopped when they came out with the newer version. That was when they added the blazer. Ill have to follow this
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don't forget about the facebook group; they'r really active on it.
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What a coincidence, I was just searching steam for paintball games during the summer sale a couple of weeks back and reminiscing about dpb.
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Nice to hear from yall! Hope to see you ya's on the Digital Fields soon!

Here is a sneak peak at what has been done with DPB Redux:

(For some reason the [youtube] wrap on the forum doesn't work)
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