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I think the new one is supposed to have SPPL format. Would be sweet if we could get some MCB games on that one.
Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Love how the thread got de-railed to incestuous relations and soldering brass tubes together. Classic MCB at it's finest.
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Originally Posted by scarecrow View Post
Ditto that.

I don't think they have managed to do paintball on a computer justice yet. Some of the new FPS' that allow the player to utilize cover might be an improvement but the real problem lies in the basic rule of paintball that once hit, you are out. The 'real combat' FPS' dance around this with their stupid "Oh, I'll just shrug off the hit I took from that .308, take a swig from this health pack and WhaLa! I'm good as new.' Bunch of B.S. Unfortunately we gamers have become so conditioned to it that it is acceptable. If someone were to write a game with a realistic combat damage system it would be boring to play, everyone would hunker down behind cover and wait for the other guy to do something stupid so that you could blow them away. To make a paintball game work you would have to come up with a system that kept play dynamic, but didn't smack of cheating. Would not be easy to do.

Also, while I"m venting about FPS' Does anyone else HATE it that in most games players run around the map at ridiculous speeds, often running sideways and even backwards at full speed? I don't know about you guys but if I even tried to run backwards more than 10 feet I'd bust my @$$. And no way would I run anywhere near my full speed backwards or even sideways.

Don't get me wrong, I love FPS games, but I would REALLY love one that was a bit more focused on brains than on crazy stupid reflexes and a fast computer.
Even better, try Red Orchestra. It's extremely sometimes frustratingly realistic and the damage and weapon ballistics are as accurate as you really can get in a game. The people who play it have to be good or they do not survive at all.
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