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Amd and Intel Q's

Went computer shopping at the local best buy to see whats out there, and seen a decent deal on a Gateway with an AMD X2 64bit quad core. Is the AMD still comparable to an Intel version? I dont do any heavy computing like cad stuff so Top, Top performance isnt a priority. How is Gateways customer service these days? I would like to buy a cuson computer, but Best Buy has 18 months no interest financing, and thats the only way I am going to be able to buy a nice computer with a 19" or 22" monitor.

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The last few years, Intel has out performed AMD (as much as it hurts me to say it). The AMD quad core CPUs are their big hope to gain the performance edge again. It's not looking real good for them though.

If you're not running a lot of high end stuff (including video games), I wouldn't worry that much about which one you choose. Most users that aren't running graphics intensive programs would never notice a difference.
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I concur with BLC. Sadly, very few programs utilize multiple core architectures effectively.. essentially this is AMD's current claim to fame.. lots-o-cores for a low price.... if you need raw horsepower go with an Intel chip.
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Ive had excellent customer service experiences from Dell. If its a user replaceable component they will send you a new part with a return shipping label for the broken part. All free of charge if you are under warranty. They also have a 24/7 help line.

The one time I had a problem with a part I could not replace (laptop keyboard) they sent a local service rep to my home to fix it for no charge.
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It sounds like you shouldn't have any problems with an AMD chip. Gateway, on the otherhand, should be avoided unless they have improved in the last couple of years.
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I'm with BLC too. I'm admittedly an AMD fanboy, they've been the processor in every computer I've built, and all of the computers I've built for friends/family. But the current Intel architecture (Core) is just flat out better than the current AMD offerings. Not that they are bad by any means, but they are not as competitive as they once were.
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Unless your a hardcore hardware junkie any current multi-core machine is going to perform like a dream. AMD or Intel.

Intel absolutely has the performance crown right now but the current crop of multi-core CPUs are monsters compared the CPUs of just a few years ago.

Make sure you get at least 2GB of Memory and if your a gamer get a discrete video card not the integrated crap, but of course both of these are easy to add on later.
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Was looking at a machine with the AMD chip, 8gb memory, 750 HD, and separate Video I think, gotta find that one out. If it doesnt I will add a video card to it. Was something like $779 for the computer only I think.............
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I'm a big AMD fan but yea I'll agree Core 2 Duo and Quad are giving the AMD offerings a raping in every way possible (price performance etc) however with AMD fighting back with lower prices and such it's an even battle now. for the specs you listed the price is decent I'd go for it. add in an Nvidia or ATI card (both are great companies) for between $100-150 and you'll have something that'll play games and do everything else for the foreseeable next 1.5-2years

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Whatever you buy, get the Best Buy extended warranty.
Its a better warranty than the manufacturers warranty.
My mother got a brand new PC about a month before her 3 year extended Best Buy warranty ran out (lightning killed it). Of course it was probably 5 times as fast as the original EMachine she bought .

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