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The idea behind PETA is good, but now they're just stupid. They attack people for the most idiotic things. It's like the gay rights people attacking the Superbowl commercial where the guys kiss while eating a snickers bar<-----greatest commercial EVAR!
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PETA needs to pay attention to things that actually matter. You also kill people in that game, I should point out.

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I would lol hard if a PETA guy was playing COD5. Unleash the dogs and watch while they go prone and attempt to pet the dogs while switching guns. Making a desperate attempt not to be hypocrites while they got pwned. It would make my day.
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Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
Simple solution, put a big sign up that says "Honk if you love prison rape"
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Oh **** I just realized that this is about WaW, of course you kill the dogs those f***ers are vicious! When I played online I got killed by them all the time. And when you're the one releasing them, you get like 15 kills
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PETA just wants attention so they can keep thinking they are somehow relevant. Besides, PETA prefers chemical euthanasia over shooting for their unwanted dogs.
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During the course of the game, you are forced to shoot attack dogs and you can actually unlock a 'reward' that allows you to unleash a pack of attack dogs on enemies
Sweet, never knew that, Thanks PETA! Now I'm going to play the game, and break as many dogs necks as possible.

But see PETAs a little behind in the times, COD 3, you could shoot the horses. My brother & I would do that all the time claiming that they were charging at us all the while our ma was watching. She would start screaming "they're grazing! leave them alone! they're just grazing!" LOL
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too far. too far
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Hmm...why not have a set of attack dogs that are trained to head for large crowds...then they explode...That'd get PETA riled up for sure...
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Originally Posted by pizzaluvr View Post
Skiddish is an Elliot Spitzer, if you will.
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God, I hate PETA so much, so very much. I don't care how naked the female PETA members get on the streets of downtown San Francisco, I hate them all! Worthless scumbag organization!
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they are worse than smartparts . . or terrorist's
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