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DarkNinja 10-11-2012 08:32 PM

Pumps for sale, Grey Ghost, Carter Comp, Pump Mag, etc
This will be changing as I find more and more things to add, this is what is going up today. If you have any questions feel free to post them here. I do have HIGH resolution pics of everything and if you want a specific picture of something it shouldn't be a problem. Everything I am listing I have possession of currently, almost everything going up for sale is withing about 8 feet of where I am sitting currently. I will do my best to describe each item but if you want anything specific just ask and I will get back to you as soon as I can. The next bit isn't so much rules as it is information on how I do things, please give it a read if you are thinking of making an offer.

-Prices are OBO, some prices are based off of what I paid for something years ago but I might be off the current market, feel free to offer.
-The only trades I am interested will be listed at the bottom of this post.
-I will do my best to make sure things make their way to you as described so please check them as they arrive before tearing anything apart and cleaning and whatnot. If something does not seem right please contact me before doing anything else so I can try and make things right.
-If you are interested in more than one item I am putting up for sale I will be far more flexible on my pricing and am willing make better deals. I will have threads for semis', electronics, pumps and rare/old.
-I live in the SE PA area, I can meet at Skirmish, LVP South, PocoLoco or any event that my team will be at if you want to check something out in person or want to do a FTF transaction. I am also around here most of the time and if we can meet at a mutually agreeable place I am up for that too.
-I took these pics while I was still working on everything so a few have things on them that are NOT included and I will make sure I put that in each description. I checked everything out before putting it up on here, a few I didn't get to air up bit most I did.
-Anything that includes shipping is to the USA, if you are overseas or up north I am willing to work with you as long as you pay the difference and understand I have no control over customs. Please let me know your preferred method of shipping and I will do my best.
-Listings work like this: item name, picture(s), description and then a price.

Group picture!

Now for the gear, first up is my Sterling...
The other side and the stock barrel
It is in great shape though there are a few light scratches that are hard to notice that do not go through the anno. The original air line leaked so I tapped it out standard 1/8th and used my own fittings. I also added the pump return spring, this I haven't used in a game but it worked here. It has a 16" Smart Parts All American barrel and the stock barrel. This is Sterling threaded. I have the original ASA around here and will be putting it on as soon as I find it. I can tap it for 1/8th too if you like. The mini drop is not included, it was there for testing purposes. Overall its in great shape.

I would like $180

AGD Minimag pump
The other side showing the paint peeling off.
This one is a polished body with black and chrome parts. The rail is a beater I picked up off someone on here, it is blue under the paint but it is pump milled and was cheap. I did some light file work to clean it up and it doesn't look half bad but I coated it in paint before stripping and priming it just to see how it would turn out and then never finished it. If you want it painted better I will do that, if you plan to duracote/ceramicote or anno it I will leave it be. The bumper in it is just a cut down blue one but the wave spring is new. It is currently FIXED, I found some air and did some work, its got a different valve on it now that is 100%. Its currently +-4 with some old paint at about 275 FPS, if I turn it up to 295+ it starts to leak so I will try and find a new piston/oring for it but its working very well. This one does NOT include the AA Armageddon, the AA rail or the black spacer and will include a standard ASA and macro fittings, this was the tank I had with air in it while working on it(pulled off my primary 'Mag so this is not negotiable). In the group picture you can see this with a Freak barrel on it and that can be included for a price if you really want it.


Painting Targets Bladerunner
The other side
This is a fairly nice one that hurts to let go but I will never take it to the field so its time to let it go. It uses the Wintec frame, the pump arms and pump are milled in a nearly identical pattern to the Lapco offerings but it is black and has a blue/green hue to it. It is basically a Grey Spirit clone with removable barrels, its a very good quality marker. The Bladerunner uses a thread I have never encountered before so I have no idea if its compatible with anything else but I do have all three original barrels. The 12" took most of the abuse and is silver in some spots under the pump but the 14" and 16" are in much better shape. There is tape on them to help with pump wear, can't remember where I found the tape but it helped keep the other barrels from wearing out. This would be a good candidate for freak boring if you were into that thing, classic looks with modern barrel technology. I have never seen another for sale on here and I have been looking for a while.

$155 shipped

ACI Hornet
This an ACI Hornet, I bought it on a whim and never used it so it has been sitting unloved for years. Its an undercocking Trracer for those of you that have never seen one. Solid, reliable and Its in very good shape and will include a stock barrel. I don't have a hell of a lot to say about this one.

$65 Shipped

80's Carter Comp with integrated dropout changer
I picked this up off Ebay years ago thinking I would use it and I never did. Its old and has definitely been used. The sight rail appears to be glued on and the frame rail is raw but looks fine. I doubt all the screws are original but they don't matter a lot. Its got a nice action and will pump and fire even without air It has the non standard long spaced holes for a bottom line but a bottom line is included if you want it, its not a perfect fit but that would be very easy to fix. The bottom line just needs a bit filed down to fit the frame. I might have a 12G dummy here if you are interested.

$260 Shipped

Three Splatmasters
The other side
Here are three Splatmasters, they are numbered in the pictures and will describe them accordingly. #1 is functional and in good shape, I just picked this one up not to long ago but sadly I have no use for it these days. Its missing the "figure 8" and has one light bit of engraving on its side. I believe this one chrono'd at about 220FPS. #2 was my go to sidearm for a long time and is my favorite. Its an ex rental from the former local field known as "Cobra Command" its been cut up and is missing the figure 8 as well. It is one of the only blackish Splatmasters I have ever seen and it has extra weights in the grip. I think this one is shooting around 250FPS. #3 worked fine years ago but something happened and the trigger will no longer engage the plate in the frame so it won't stay cocked so I will call this a parts gun, if you can fix that I am sure it will work again but I just don't feel like playing with it. I have no idea what it would take since I have not even opened it up since before it broke.

#1 $40 shipped
#2 $40 shipped
#3 $25 shipped

Original Tippmann SL68 II #0251 with Original box and accessories
Opened box with everything inside
Side of the box with serial #
top of the box
I picked this up years ago and have never used it. I thought it was cool and its one of the earliest SL68 IIs' I have even seen especially with the box. It is serial #251 and the box matches that number. Very little wear and tear on it, it has some light pump rubbing on the barrel but I wouldn't call it wear it appears to just be fondling in a shop because I doubt its been on the field. It has the original front sight, 7oz tank with butt plate and ammo box hopper.

$old Thanks!

Last but not least

Lapco Grey Ghost #1345
Zoomed out
Other side
This is a Lapco Grey ghost, most of you know what this is and what kind of pump it is. Its in good shape and has the normal bells and whistles one should expect. Nice clean looks, this one has all stainless and nickle plated hardware other than the safety button. It has a matching 7oz tank with a Lapco on/off valve and has one of the very rare skeleton sight rails. It has some small marks, one from the pump arm and a few nicks here and there but its in pretty good shape for a 20+ year old marker that didn't live in a box. It lives in a black velveteen lined soft case and I will be shipping it in that.

Looking for $320 shipped

There are only a few paintball related trades I am interested in and if its not on this list I probably don't want it. What I am looking for these days is mountain bike related stuff, I'm looking to do stupid gravity powered things in the spring.

- X-Valve, RT, EMag.

Non paintball related stuff would be mostly limited mountain bikes and parts. I am looking to go big next year so I will be looking for burlier parts.

or if you are a skydiving instructor and want to help me get my AFF and Class A license and are within about an hour or so from zip 19464 we can talk

DarkNinja 10-11-2012 08:33 PM


Darkstar94 10-12-2012 10:01 AM

Everything is reserved ?

interessed by minimag pump, so if it's not, just tell me if you ship to France, thank you. :)

AbeShip 10-12-2012 10:34 AM

^^He just reserved the next post below incase he wanted to add any more markers for sale! I assume everything is available :)

DarkNinja 10-12-2012 03:22 PM

I am willing to ship it anywhere its legal as long as you are willing to walk me through the best way to get it to you and cover the difference in shipping. I have shipped a few things to Canada many years ago but never anywhere else so I have no idea how it all works. The space is reserved for more stuff or info as I see fit later, like laxpro69 said.

Everything is OBO so if my prices are off I am willing to deal.

The minimag pump is now going to be my project for the weekend, it should be 100% by monday.

maxoliv 10-14-2012 05:43 PM


Originally Posted by Darkstar94 (Post 2502159)
Everything is reserved ?

interessed by minimag pump, so if it's not, just tell me if you ship to France, thank you. :)

tu passes du coté obscur?:huh:

Danskifish 10-14-2012 10:43 PM


DarkNinja 10-16-2012 05:09 PM

Got the Minimag pump working today, swapped out the valve and everythings working at 275 FPS. It leaked a bit when I approached 300 FPS so I will see if I have a spare piston to toss in it and see what happens but it is working. Seriously light pump stroke, if I shake the marker it will cock. I think I need to file about 1/16" off the bolt spring to make it a bit more stable but it does work very well.

Listing the semi's later, probably tomorrow night. I am looking for some CO2 for that other marker that I was asked about but I seem to recall it worked fine.

oh yea, BUMP!

DarkNinja 10-27-2012 12:43 PM

Bump, will be at Splatoween this weekend. I will be bringing the pump mag with me and a few other things, if anyone wants to check any of this stuff out let me know and I will bring it with me.

Danskifish 10-27-2012 02:59 PM

Interested in the 68 special, PM'd

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