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Donut SD 01-18-2014 10:00 PM

One Shot One Kill Factory Midblock Karnivor
So, like many I'm making some conscious attempt to slim the collection (yeah right, making room for more lol) Time to share the love. As usual, post then pm. Price includes paypal and shipping to North America. No international at this time.

Anyhow here's my One Shot One Kill Factory Midblock Karnivor. Has:
  • stock feed neck
  • drilled (weren't they all?)
  • stock .684 kaner
  • 16" front
  • CCM thin 45 frame
  • older dye stickies
  • CCM Midblock karnivor pump kit with AT
  • CP rail and On Off
  • Dye Hyper 2 with rubber grip
  • SM-1 RVG

Price --->$600 $OLD!

Disclosure: See pictures, just aired it up. Works like it should, it shoots paint at the enemy without leaking. Bit of wear on the feed neck and the barrel tip, no it's no from it resting gently on the ground. O ring around the barrel dried up and died, I don't have a spare one that size sorry :( For as much use as it's seen, the breach is still quite nice. The WGP "W" logo is still quite visible.


Fancyfingers 01-18-2014 10:32 PM

That's purdy

Mashtaterz 01-20-2014 10:27 AM


hoov7888 01-20-2014 06:48 PM

This is nice

Donut SD 01-20-2014 08:47 PM


Originally Posted by Mashtaterz (Post 2884913)

Replied, apologies for the delay. It's in the pm.

pumpbusters 01-20-2014 10:38 PM

Holy crap, sh.. She's beautiful, and I never thought I'd say that about a midblocked karni....

Best of luck with the sale, unfortunately I'm dead broke ATM.

Donut SD 01-21-2014 09:23 PM

Bump still available

mister2driver 01-22-2014 07:14 AM

Smexy Karni you got for sale. GL selling


Donut SD 01-26-2014 12:04 PM

Thanks! Trying to return PMs when I can, I apologize for delays. I'm out of town until Monday.

And bump.

ColonelYun 01-26-2014 02:23 PM


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